Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Poem for Mommy and Daddy

Dear Mommy, don't you cry now
and Daddy, don't you weep.
I want to whisper in your ear
Before I go to sleep.

I know that when I came here
I seemed perfect in every way
and you were so proud Daddy
when you held me on that day.
And Mommy when you kissed me
and wrapped me up so tight,
I felt as if I belonged here,
and everything was right

When things got really scary
and seemed to turn a little gray,
I saw your face, dear Mommy
as you knelt by me to pray.
And Daddy, I always notice
when you wipe away a tear,
or watch the other little boys
as they run and laugh and cheer.

But when you hold me Mommy
at night when all is still
I hear your dear heart beating
and I know that all is well.
So Daddy don't you cry now
and Mommy don't you weep,
I want to tell you something
before I go to sleep.

I may be sort of different,
and you may not understand
I know that I am not that child
that you and Daddy planned
But I love you both so very much
and I know you love me too
and one day when this life is done
You will feel my love for you.

I know the future is unknown
and you will always have to be,
the ones who love and listen
and take good care of me.
The road we walk is rough sometimes
and you cry a lot of tears,
but one day we will turn and laugh
as we look back o'er the years,
So Mommy don't you cry now
and Daddy please don't weep
I want to say, I love you
before I go to sleep.


  1. This is beautiful. :) I know this is quite after the fact, and my prayers go out to you and Tripp, but you are an inspiration. The scary truth is we never know how long we have, some little ones we know will move on sooner, but so many of us take life for granted. Even if a baby is born healthy, and lives a few years, God can still carry them away, and even though I have no babies of my own yet, I hope that when that time comes, I will be thankful for every little coo, every little smile, every sleepless night, because of the mommies and daddies who don't get to experience it. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. I've just recently started reading your blog (from start to finish) and I have to say, Courtney, that you have a Tremendous way with words. They are so beautiful and heartfelt. You were very blessed to have Tripp in your life, but let us not forget that Tripp was very blessed to have YOU as his mommy. God knew what he was doing when he sent Tripp to you, Courtney. He knew that you would love him as no one else could and that ,together, you and Tripp would reach and change many lives in his time here on earth. Tripp was an amazing little boy and his legacy is even more amazing and still lives on as your, and ultimately HIS, story goes on. Keep writing, Courtney, you are SUCH an inspiration to all of us that are ready to throw in the towel.