Sunday, December 20, 2009

A HUGE Thank You to North Oaks Maternal Units.

So, we had my immediate family over yesterday for our Christmas party because it was the only time we could all get together... (I'll post pics from that later.)  But in the morning, my sister walks in and she's bringing in all her presents and finally she brings in this HUGE basket of goodies.  I said "Who in the world is THAT for?"  It was for Tripp, Randy, and I from the Labor and Delivery Unit and the Well Baby Nursery at North Oaks (where Tripp was born).  And can I tell you I was in complete AWE. This was a huge surprise.  In this basket there was:

A beautiful framed picture of Tripp signed by all of the staff
27 Fuzzi Bunz diapers!!!!
A note giving us a day of free Spring Cleaning in our house (by 2 of the NURSES!)
The "perfect" T-shirts for Tripp
Blankets (the really soft ones :) )
Changing table covers for his new table
Gift cards
A LOT of cash
The cutest stuffed animals
And the nicest card that read:

This year at work we decided that we didn't want to do our annual Secret Santa gift exchange.  Instead, we wanted to help someone in need.  We brainstormed for just a minute, because it didn't take us long, and decided we wanted to help you and your family this year at Christmas.  Most of us follow your blog and have fallen in love with Tripp.  You are such an inspiration to us all.  You are the best example of unconditional motherly love.  We hope this helps make your days a little easier.  
Merry Christmas!
Diane Rabalias 
North Oaks Maternal Child Units

WOW.  Words cannot express how thankful we are for what you all have done.  It was the most thoughtful gift you could have given!!  You guys did not exchange gifts with each other, but wanted to help another family... and you chose US!  I don't know how to explain to you how good that feels.  And the things in the basket???? Everything was so perfect... and will help us out tremendously.  I hope you ALL feel like angels, because that is what you are!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.... from the bottom of our hearts. We will never forget what you've done for our family, and your KINDNESS will certainly never be forgotten! We love you all, and I really don't know how to thank everyone enough.
OH, and Diane was one of the nurses who was in the room with me when Tripp was born.  She was the one who had to push on my ribs to help get him out!!  Ha.  So thanks, Diane... for helping to get my little man out, then helping us out with such a wonderful gift for our family.  You're awesome.

God Bless You All,
Courtney, Randy, and Tripp Roth


  1. What a great gift!!! That was so sweet of them. How amazing it is to know that God has angels all around, just waiting to help someone out! :)

  2. What a fantastic example to set for others!!!

    I agree with Julianna; there are angels all around :)


  3. Oh that made me tear up! Tripp is easy to fall in love with, so I see why they chose your family! As a mom, you are the perfect example of strength and unconditional love. I keep praying for Tripp!

  4. I had some wonderful friends bless me this season too! God is so good to put these people in our lives. It is so comforting to know that you've been blessed a little extra this Christmas too! Merry Christmas Courtney!

  5. Merry Christmas

    Courntey, Randy and Tripp
    Your in my thoughts and prayers always!!!

  6. How nice! You deserve it! Merry Christmas!