Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Crew is happy to announce...

that he and Tripp both get to be big brothers!

Stephen and I are expecting another baby at the end of October.  We feel so incredibly blessed and are so excited about growing our little family.  Though, I don't think Crew is as excited.  Every time we ask him if he wants Mama to have another baby, he shakes his head "no."  Like a lot.  Ha. We had our half-way anatomy scan yesterday and baby looked great.  We decided again that we aren't going to find out the sex of the new baby, though it's reeeeallly hard for me this time for some reason.  I could have been persuaded to, but Stephen was adamant about waiting.  It's definitely more fun on the day of if you wait!  Baby is a MOVER again, just like Crew was.  I feel it dancing in there just about all day long.  I don't remember my sweet Tripp moving as much as these two kiddos.  

Life has been going great.  We have been keeping super busy chasing after our little non-stop wild child.  He loves to climb, dance, and get dirty!  He brings us more joy than I could have ever imagined.  I see SO much of Tripp in Crew.  They have so many of the same mannerisms and Tripp definitely taught Crew all of his dance moves.  Stephen and I just sit and laugh and laugh at him in the evenings.  He dances to the church bells outside, the washing machine, or just our voice sometimes.  Every now and then, Crew will look straight up at the ceiling or at the sky and say "Bubba" just out of the blue.  I cry every time.  I know Tripp is with us. 

Crew is a constant reminder to me that God is good.  He is my little tender-heart.  He loves life and he is the most friendly child I've ever seen.  I call him Mr. America because anywhere we go, he waves to everyone he sees.  He was hand picked for us.  He makes me so happy.  I can't believe how he made my heart double in size.  I can't wait to see how it triples with the third.  God had blessed us more than I could ever imagined.

We can't wait to share our next journey with you!