Saturday, January 16, 2010

400 Pictures from the Past Week... haha

This poor child will not have ANY pictures of himself to look at when he gets bigger....

His girlfriend Minnie.

Watching the Big Green Tractor song on Mommy's phone.

He is now starting to play Peek-a-Boo.
Where's Tripp??


I love you!

Watching Mickey Mouse with Daddy.

Fell asleep during bath time.

And poor baby doesn't have ANY toys...

Can you see my teeth??!

His cousin Elizabeth. Isn't she beautiful?? I told him he will have to keep those boys away one day!!
He wasn't too sure about a girl, though. All his friends are boys!!

The NEXT bath.... he fell fast asleep again.
Poor man, it wears him out.

My baby's poor precious fingers.

And his gorgeous eyelashes.

Happy 8 Months Tripp!
Aunt Mary T. made him an ADORABLE cake!!
And it was SOME good!
Thanks Aunt Mary!

Yum, this doesn't taste like carrots.

Geaux Saints Geaux!!

Uh, Mom... I'm TRYING to watch Mickey Mouse.

Eating all by himself. Too Bad he got about one bite in before he choked.

Some videos from the past week...

Watching the Big Green Tractor Song...

Singing Happy Birthday...

Happy Feet to the Hot Dog Dance...


  1. This post (and the videos) simply brightened my day. Your little Tripp is such a precious angel. My heart hurts for what he goes through, but it's obvious that he is happy (oh, his little feet!!) and he has a wonderful family that celebrate everyday with him to the fullest! What a blessing.

    (((BIG HUGS)))

  2. He is so precious! Thanks for all the pics and cute how that song gets him boogyin! My heart just aches for his poor little fingers :*(

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  4. Tripp is one very special boy who is loved by many!! He's a cutie and you all are in my prayers!

  5. I've missed seeing photos of the little guy. LOVED the video of his little feet dancin' to the Hot Dog song. Hilarious. Thought about you guys today as the Saints were ROCKIN' the Cardinals. I know that was fun for you guys. Love ya lots.

  6. Hey Tripp, how about our Saints today!!! WHO DAT!!!! We Hou-Dats from Houston, Texas are keeping you in our prayers!! I hope the Saints bring you a Super Bowl win in a few weeks!!! You must be their good luck charm, I think... :)

  7. Anytime I want to smile ....... *really* smile .... I watch the Hot Dog dance video.
    God Bless that little man!!

  8. I love the "happy feet" to the hot dog song! It is the cutest thing I've seen. I laughed out loud watching it. I'm sure it is priceless to you. I'm still praying......

    Diane Rabalais