Sunday, September 19, 2010


So it's been a rough week.  The last time I wrote, we just found out that Tripp had pneumonia and he got a Rocephin shot and was starting oral antibiotics.  Well- not only did the antibiotic give him massive diarrhea, it also gave him severe stomach cramps- at least that's what I think is causing him SO much pain.  He has been in excruciating pain for the last 3 days- tightening his legs together and pulling them to his chest constantly, not playing, smiling, anything.  He just wants to be rocked with his eyes closed and throws a fit if you even move him a certain way.  That is NOT my baby.  I kept picking my brain at what was causing him to be in so much pain.  And yesterday we finally looked up the side effects of the Augmentin (the oral antibiotic) and most all of them said severe stomach pain.  So I stopped it immediately and e-mailed Dr. Defusco and Dr. Urrego (his lung doctor).  By the way- yesterday was Saturday (and it's Football season) and both of Tripp's doctors emailed me back almost immediately more than once with their advice/help.  I don't know many doctors who would do that- but I feel pretty darn lucky to have them.  

They both said that the Augmentin was most probably the cause of the stomach pain (I'm assuming it was his stomach causing the pain).  So Dr. Defusco called him in another antibiotic and I will start that one today.  He's already on 2 different probiotics but she wants to start him on another one called Florastor for Kids.  It's used in kids with C-Diff (a bacterial infection associated with antibiotic use).  So hopefully, between these 3 probiotics, we can get through another round of antibiotics and fix this darn puh-neumonia :) He hasn't really played or done much of anything but rock since his eye surgery 2 Wednesdays ago :(

So hopefully this new antibiotic will do the trick.  I'll let you know.  On a side note, my sister leaves today (tear).  Have a great Sunday!  Hug those precious babies of yours :) 

Nanny getting some love before she leaves.



  1. Hi Courtney: So so sorry that Tripp has been in so much pain. It just breaks your heart to see your baby in so much pain. Praying that the new medicine helps and doesn't hurt.
    Always in my prayers and my heart. Give that little guy a great big hug and kiss for me. Love you guys. Love Leah's Nana

  2. Hi Courtney!
    I'm reading your blog from Sweden and thought I'd send you some energy, prayers and love from here as I read things have been tough for you lately... I really hope all will work out for you and your beautiful family.

    Loads of love and thoughts from Sara
    (friend of Emelie and Elly- Elly also lives with JEB here in Sweden

  3. Aw, sweet baby boy. I'll be praying this antibiotics work and kicks that pneumonia to the curb!

  4. I am so sorry that you are having such a rough time. You have some really awesome doctors, remember this is coming from a nurse at Chidlrens' Hospital. I don't know many doctors like yours. I am praying for all of you that your journey gets better. Lots of love and prayers.

  5. Sami can't take Augmentin for the same reason:( I hope Tripp feels better soon:)

  6. Praying that his little body heals quickly. And by "Nanny" do you mean grandmother? There is NO WAY she's old enough to be a grandmother!!!!!!

  7. I am so sorry he feels so terrible-it must be so hard as a mom to watch, as I know you've said so many times. You are a woman of great srength and courage. I've read here for a while now, but this is my first time commenting. Keeping Tripp and you in prayer!

  8. Courtney,
    I can vouch for Florastor. I took it while on Levoquin last year for chronic sinus infections, and I didn't suffer any digestive issues at all. My friend was on Levoquin (without Florastor) and had a terrible time. So - wishes and prayers that this is a better concoction for Tripp! Keep your chin up - he'll be turning the corner soon I just know it.

    Adrienne Provost, Palatine, IL
    mother to Caroline (JEB, 5 years old)

  9. I'm so sorry to hear Tripp is in so much pain. Please know I am praying for him several times a day and you as well. Love, Monica

  10. Man, the never-ending balance of meds continues... we know a thing or two about that! ;) Sorry Tripp hasn't been himself since surgery. Hope for a better week. Much love and respect, Tim

  11. Aw, our sweet Tripp sending you many hugs and kisses baby. And Sending you many prayers for healing.We love you!!!

  12. Courtney & Randy, I think of Tripp and y'all so often. Even though I don't post comments much, if its been a few weeks since I've sat down and read your blog, I try to go back and catch up on what's been going on with y'all. As you well know, Tripp is such a precious and special angel on Earth. God blessed you when he selected YOU TWO as his parents and TRUSTED you with his special care. TRIPP is such an inspiration to me! He is in my prayers, and my church family keeps him in prayer as well. While it has never worked out in our attempts at getting together in person, and I've only actually seen Tripp first on CaringBridge, then through this blog, I first knew him as God carefully knitted him in the womb as we spend time together at the baseball field. I count it a privilege to know your family. May God comfort and heal as only He can.
    With Love,
    ~Lori Tassin

  13. Sending you hugs as well. Oh, if we could only take our children's pain. I hope he feels better soon.

  14. I see the question was not answered about the word "Nanny". So in case anyone else comes along and reads the comments: in south Louisiana, "Nanny" is the word for "godmother." That's all. :)