Wednesday, April 14, 2010

11 months, Surgery, Owen, and Pics

Happy 11 months to my baby boy!!  Only one more month until the BIG day!! Poor man had to have surgery on his birthday!

All went well today.  We left the house at about 6:45 and got to the waiting room around 7:45.  It was me, Randy, my mom and Randy's mom.  Randy and I brought him back to the pre-op area.  He was SO good... I know you aren't surprised, but I was just in "awe." I was proud of myself because the only time I started to cry a little was when I was holding him and the anesthesiologist said,
"Maybe we should give him a little versed because he might have some separation anxiety."
and I said, "Yeah that might be a good idea," and I looked at Tripp and said,
"Yeah, because you're gonna be sad if you have to leave Mommy, huh?" and he immediately started shaking his head yes.
It was SO freaken sweet.  And perfect timing :)
Anyway, so they gave him the versed first and he was HILARIOUS.  You could tell it made him so drowsy, but he was like a crazy man... that medicine wasn't getting him to slow down.  He was smiling, pat-a-caking,  and doing his cute little thing where we say "show us your muscles" and he holds his arms out wide and squeezes his whole body until he starts shaking.  He was absolutely a little precious angel.
The procedure took about 30 minutes (the whole thing) and then we went back to wait for him to wake up.  That's what took about 2 hours because the little stinker didn't want to get up.  They had drugged him pretty good, though.  But he looked GREAT when we saw him.  Very, very comfortable.
While he was under, before they did the tubes, the eye doctor took out his contact and checked his cornea and his eyelid.  He put a new contact back in because he said that the eyelid looked about 95% healed, but it still had a little raw spot on it and he didn't want it to scratch the eyeball again.  So we will check it again in about 3 more weeks.

OK, so now for my RAVE on Ochsner hospital... I cannot say enough about how pleased I am.  The doctors are one of a kind.  Every single doctor Tripp has been to has gone above and beyond to help him.  The anesthesia team has taken EVERY precaution possible to protect his skin.  His skin has looked absolutely beautiful every time he has come out of surgery.  The nursing staff has been so helpful and so understanding of everything.  They take a step back sometimes and let me step in... which I like because I know him the best.  If I was in that position as a nurse, I would do the same.  Just EVERYONE was SO nice today... from the lady at the front desk who checked us in, to every doctor and nurse and anesthesiologist.  It was nice.  It felt good.

So.... GET THIS:  There was another Junctional EB baby born at Ochsner hospital about 5 weeks ago.  I know.... it's still hard to believe.  His name is Owen and he is just plain beautiful.  He and his Mommy and Daddy (Katie and Allen) have been through some really rough times these past weeks.  Owen is still in the NICU at Ochsner right now, but is starting to improve and may be able to go home soon.
What are the odds that there are two Junctional babies in the same state that live about 30 minutes apart?? The geneticist told us Tripp was one in 2 million... so really that would mean there could be about (technically- 2.5) babies in Louisiana with JEB.  I mean, it could happen... well, it DID happen.
I got to meet baby Owen for the first time yesterday.  I hurt for him and his family SO bad because I know exactly, EXACTLY how they feel and what they are going through.  I brought them a bunch of supplies and diapers and other things.  I just want to do more.  They are such a beautiful family.  And I know that Owen is in good hands after meeting his amazing parents.  Please keep Owen and his parents in your prayers through these tough times.  They are coming to our house tomorrow to watch a bath and dressing change before they bring Owen home.  They need your prayers!  Thank you so much!

Here are some pictures from the recovery room and then later on today.... (and some from yesterday's walk to the snoball stand down the road!)

This is the "show us your muscles!" 
Cute, huh??

My first snoball!! 

Can you tell what color?!?

PawPaw Carey got to stroll!

First trip to Wal Mart with Grammy and MeMe (I know, the germiest place in the world!)
And I know I don't have one of those shopping cart covers- we don't get out much, okay :)
I did sanitize the cart though!!

The Fam...



  1. That is SO wonderful today went so well!! Yea Tripp!! I hope the tubes help relieve the pressure in his ears. And sweet of you to go visit Owen and his family. I know it meant a lot to them. When Sami was almost 7 there was a baby born at the same hospital she was born at who had the same form of EB we do and they lived less then 10 miles from us!! Talk about small world too!

  2. I'm so relieved that everything went well for tripp today. I'm glad that part is over and I hope he gets some relief with his ears. Oh, and I'll keep Owen and family in my prayers too

  3. Awesome to hear everything went great for Tripp and you both. My son and I prayed for Tripp this morning on our way to drop him off at school. And when I picked him up he asked I wonder how baby Tripp did? I warmed my heart that he crossed his mind. And Yes....That show me your muscle picture is just ADORABLE!!! he's so smart. I will keep baby Owen and his family in my prayers.

  4. So so so so happy to hear everything went well! Keep us posted on Owen!!


  5. Great news! And I'm so glad you are getting to get out with him a little more, even if it is to Walmart. :) Hope things are still going well and that these tubes and the new contact will finally lead to little Tripp gettin to catch a break. You look BEAUTIFUL and that muscle pose is soooo cute. When I ask Jonah to do stuff, he just stares at me like I'm an idiot. :)

  6. Glad that everything went well! Your family is amazing and beautiful! The "show me your muscles" trick is soooo cute and I absolutely love your last (the family) picture!

  7. I'm praying so hard that things are going to start looking up for Tripp. You are learning so much all of the time how to care for him, you are going to have a very hard-earned degree!

    Perhaps the hardest is behind Tripp!


  8. Praise the Lord things went so well!!! I was looking at Tripp's little feet and they looks so sweet, I just love baby feet..We will also keep baby Owen in our prayer's too. Praying that Tripp stays well and healthy.

  9. So glad to know it went well and that the hospital staff made all the difference! Looks like he woke up happy....that's a miracle in and of kids came out of it grumpy! I like the family picture at the end of your all are pretty cute!

  10. Tripp is so amazing! I just love his personality, so cute! And of course you guys are amazing parents. I will be praying for baby Owen. That is wonderful that they have you guys to learn from!
    Love the last pic of Tripp looking up at daddy

  11. So glad to read the surgery went great! Love the family pic :)

  12. Awwww, I am so glad Tripp's procedure went well and you were treated so great at the hospital! I work at an outpatient surgery center in a children's hospital and let me tell you, I am so humbled by the way the nurses and doctors treat the patients and families here. I love that they let you step in and help when needed.
    I was amazed when I read about Owen. That is truly God's hand to bring your two families together! I will pray that Owen stays strong and his family keeps their faith!
    I love looking at Tripp's pictures-oh the muscle one is great! I also love the family picture, such a beautiful family!

  13. Hi Courtney:
    So, so glad that everything went so well in surgery. You guys were on my mind all day and I was praying so hard. I checked Jonah's blog and saw that you tweeted that everything went so well. Thank God!!!
    Another JEB baby. There are too many being born. There is a baby girl in Va with JEB too. Meg has been in touch with her. She will send some supplies and help out as much as she can. You guys are amazing. God knew what he was doing when he blessed you guys with these very special babies. Take care and give Tripp a big kiss for me. Love Leah's Nana

  14. Love the muscles - so glad things went well Will keep Owen & his family in my prayers.

  15. I'm so glad his surgery went great. I just LOVE his muscles pics. He is such a beautiful boy!

  16. Great, great, great news. Tripp is as cute as cute can be.

  17. Praises to God. Awesome! He put Owen near Tripp for a reason and you obviously already see that.

  18. So glad everything went well for you guys. What a blessing. You guys are the cutest especially that last picture. It definitely speaks 1000 words! God is amazing. There is a reason Owen and his family are close to you all!

  19. Yay, great news, that just made my day! :) I know we don't know why God puts us in these situations, but what a blessing you and Randy and Tripp will be for little Owen's family! I guess God does know what He's doing! Love y'all!

  20. Your family is beautiful! I am a small town Idaho girl who is following your blog daily and praying daily for your wonderful little boy. There is a reason another baby with EB was born so close to you - it's because you are such remarkable people and God knew that you would take that family under your wings and help them get through this. You truly amaze me.

  21. Courtney, loving those precious pictures of that sweet little boy! So thankful that everything went so well and everyone took such good care of Tripp! Doesn't that make all the difference in the world? Now I want a sno-cone!

  22. Oh Man How Cute! I have been trying to teach Ben "Show Me Your Muscles" And he won't do it. So glad the tubes went well. Tripp is such a Tuff lil guy!

    Also that is so wonderful that you will be able to help out Owen's mommy! You are such an amazing person! My heart is always full when I read your blog!

  23. Great news Courtney! So glad everything went to smooth for you guys! Y'all deserve it. Cute picutres too! And how great that is that you are able to help another family out. I'm sure they are so happy to have found you. I noticed in your pictures that you have a PawPaw Carey. Was you last name Carey. Just curious as My name was Courtney Carey, bf I got married. Funny!

  24. It's wonderful that everything went so great, Court! A friend of mine at school posted the link to your blog on her facebook account to get some extra prayers from her church community...I thought that was sweet.

    Tripp's muscle pic is soo sweet! I can't believe how old he goodness! And I'm very happy that you guys will be able to help Owen's family. That is such a blessing for them and you! I know God had this in his plan for a reason...they will need y'all and the wonderful advice you will be able to give. Amazing...

    I love you guys!!

  25. Courtney,

    He looks SO good! Getting big!

  26. So glad you're able to help Owen's family. What a blessing. I come over here to check on you from Patrice's blog, just to get my "Tripp fix." Love, love, love the muscle pic, especially.

    Does Owen's mom have a blog by any chance?

    April 16, 2010 8:30 AM

  27. sweet sweet pictures! So glad Tripp came through his surgery so well - the tubes will be a BIG help (all of my kids have gotten them, some have had multiple sets!)

    Will add Owen to my EB prayer list - I hate that it's growing, but know that God hears our prayers.

    Hope you, Randy and Tripp all have a great weekend! (I just want to squeeze him - ever so gently, of course!)

    Love from TX!

  28. HI, Courtney!

    I'm visiting from Shoulders! Just wanted to take a second and let you know that you're in my prayers. Ever since I heard about you and sweet little Tripp, I've looked at my own baby boy and just tried to imagine what it must be like to be in your shoes, and it just breaks my heart for you. I am praying for the Lord to give you strength for every day to come.

    Love and hugs,

  29. Glad to hear Tripp's surgery went well! He is such a cutie! You are doing a great job with him! I'm heading over to Shoulders now. Take care...

  30. Your baby is really beautiful and have a special smile.. God bless him..