Saturday, July 3, 2010

Surgery Date.

Just wanted to let you guys know that Tripp's surgery (that I told you about in the previous post) is scheduled for this Wednesday, July 7th!  Thank you for your prayers that they could get squeeze him in on that date, they worked!!  I am SO glad because the last couple of days, he has really been struggling with his eyes.  They are so red and watery... he barley wants to open them.  Poor little man.

Once again, I have tried to catch him doing ANY of his tricks on video, but he immediately shuts it off when I pull out the phone to video him.  I'll have to catch him secretly (which is hard when he wants you right there in his face).  I'll keep trying.

So aside from all of his issues and the fact that he is always in pain and has every right to be grumpy whenever he wants-- I have decided that he is NOT a morning person.  It takes him until about 7-8:00 at night to really "wake up" and want to play.  He is SUCH a night owl- and I'm SO not.  Ugh.  O well, i enjoy when he's happy and playful, no matter what time it is!

So please keep Tripp in your prayers on Wednesday.  I don't know yet what time it will be- they said probably late morning or early afternoon.  I will let you know when I do.  The surgery will be outpatient at Ochsner Hospital in Metairie.  As soon as I know anymore details, I will post them!  Thank you so much for all of your love and support.... I couldn't do it without you guys! :)



  1. Hey, that's great news. What a relief. That first surgery date seemed EONS away. Go Tripp! Bella pulled her central line a half inch out of her chest this afternoon, and they weren't going to be able to put it back till Tuesday, due to the holiday, and I thought THAT was forever away. Turns out, the docs are coming in first thing tomorrow morning to do the surgery... on Sunday July 4th no less! God is good. All the time. You'll have to have Randy man the camera while you engage Tripp... teamwork!

  2. Love you!!! You're doing an awesome job with that little grumpy monkey .... I'll have a chat with Leah and ask her to rally up the troops to watch over and protect Tripp on Wednesday. : )

  3. I'm thrilled to hear they are doing Tripp's eyes Wednesday & will be keeping him as well as ya'll in my prayers. Have a wonderful Fourth of July. Love each of ya'll.

  4. I am glad that they could get the date pushed up for you guys. I hope everything goes well and that it helps for awhile. He deserves the break!

  5. Hey girl!!! It was soooooooo wonderful to see you at the wedding Friday night!! You looked fabulous!!! Good luck with Tripps Surgery you know we will be praying for all of you!!!
    Love you guys!!!
    Abby Anderson

  6. Lord Jesus, we know you are the Prince of Peace. I pray that Your peace would flow over Courtney like a river and that your joy would overflow in her heart like a fountain. Lord only You can bring Peace and Joy into this world no matter the circumstances. I know Your will is for Joy and Peace in Courtney's life through the strife and the struggle. Praise You Lord for Your Mercy and Grace. Father send your mighty angels for protection of Tripp during his surgery on Wednesday. Fill that operating room with Your presence and Your strength. In Your Mighty Everlasting Name, Amen.