Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Update and Thanks.

Hey guys... First I want to say thank you SO MUCH for all of the prayers, love, and support today.  Seriously, we are BLESSED to have so many people in our lives that care about our son and our family.

We sat in Pre-op for literally about 3 hours.  Tripp had some versed and it made him HILARIOUS.  O my goodness.  It took about 5 minutes to kick in and then he started looking at us with those "glassy" eyes and smiling so big.  He could not stop dancing and shaking his body around.  He was showing his "muscles," which is so hilarious.  He pretty much showed off all his tricks to the docs and nurses.  I need some of that happy drug to give him in the morning when he's so grumpy:)  It started wearing off a little by the time they took him, but he was so ready to get out of that little room, that he would have gone with anyone.  So the anesthesiologist, Dr. Corsino (CANNOT say enough wonderful wonderful things about him) took him back with him into the OR.

So I only had to take 2 nerve pills today (only supposed to take one, but I'm still alive, so that's good).  I think they really helped, though, because I pretty much maintained my sanity the whole day.  Go, me!

So the actual surgery took about an hour and then it took him about an hour and a half to wake up (move around) in the recovery room.  He looked better than I thought he would.  His eye was really swollen, but that was expected.  Dr. Eustis said that it was a little more challenging than he thought... he said Tripp had a really big symblepharon on the corner of the eye (where the lid was fusing to the eyeball).  He said that he didn't expect that at all and it threw him for a loop ----um---- with all do respect------- I literally told him about 4 times in the doctor's office that I thought he had a symblepharon- and I even used that word because I had done my research.  BUT ANYWAY-- I kinda tried to tell him that... I'm just saying.
Anyway, the important part is that he said he was able to clip that part off so that his lid and eye weren't fused and he was able to smooth down the granules on his lid and sew the amniotic membrane to his lid. (OH, and they just did the one eye, his right one.) He said that this tissue coming down (the symblepharon) in his right eye was causing the contact to be misplaced, which was causing more pain, also.  So after he clipped it off, he took the contact out of that eye, cleaned it, and put it back in.  He said the left eye looked good, that he just had a little symblepharon under the eyeball, which I showed to him in the Pre-op room because I discovered it when Tripp started rolling his eyes.   But he didn't do anything to the left eye.  I guess that's okay, though the contact has been in that eye for about 2 months now.  Hope it doesn't get infected.  But I'd rather we see what happens with this eye before we go messing with the other one already.

OH, so I had to restrain my poor little man's arms tonight.  It's really breaking my heart.  Like he doesn't have enough issues- we have to restrain his arms (which he loves to hold above his head when he sleeps-and slip in sneakily a quick eye rub:)  I took a strip of his stockinette (Tubifast) and put it under his back and then cut a slit on each side and tied his arms loosely to each end.  So he can still move them, he just can't reach his eyes.  It's for his own good, I know... but it's still cruel.  Anyway, our friend, Bonnie, gave us a good idea-  put a bigger size shirt on him and just don't pull his arms through.  So I may try that tomorrow night.  We will see how tonight goes and what tomorrow will bring.

I will try to update tomorrow and let you know how the little man is doing.  Hopefully, this will be the temporary fix we've been praying for and eventually give him some relief.  I know what he's thinking though... "What the heck did you guys do to me now??"  Sorry little buddy... Mommy is just trying to help, I promise.

Before I say goodnight, I want to say that if it weren't for the amazing doctors and staff at Ochsner... Tripp would not be where he is today.  Each and every doc has gone above and beyond my expectations.... Dr. Eustis (eyes) has been more than patient with me and so kind to want to attempt this surgery that he has never done to help our son.  Dr. Defusco (Tripp's pediatrician) has been my guardian angel the past few months- she has made so many phone calls to so many people trying to get the best care possible for Tripp. And not to mention- worries about MY sanity, too.  Dr. Serrano (Tripp's GI doc) called today and said she called the doctors in Cincinnati to get their opinions on what to be doing about all the "feeding" and "bowel" issues we've been having.  And Mama Kimsey (Dr. Rodriguez- his ENT) - don't even get me started on her- A-MAZE-ING!  She has far exceeded any expectations I've had.  She even popped in to see him before his surgery today.  It's just such a wonderful team here.  I love love love Tripp's doctors- all of them.  Thank You GOD... for blessing us with caring, intelligent doctors to love and treat my son.  We have so much to be thankful for.

Ok, this was supposed to be short, because I am T-i-r-e-d.... and Tripp is sleeping so I need to get my rest before he turns on "beast mode."  Love you guys... Thanks again and goodnight.



  1. What great news!


  2. Yay for VERSED! Ali and Caleb were given versed before they donated their marrow and Ang and Brian both took video of the kids since they were so out of control funny. Let me know if you find a way to 'acquire' any once out of the hospital! LOL. Thank you for being so brave and having the courage to be Dr. Eustis' first AMT patient. You made the right call today, and you are doing such a fantastic job making that little man's life wonderful. Don't sweat the restraints; we had to use 'em when Bella got her G-tube. Man, she wanted to yank that puppy OUT! You're protecting your little body builder from himself! The FB pics reminded me of Hanz and Franz from Saturday Night Live. Tripp is going to PUMP YOU UP!!!

  3. I was so excited to see your update on your little man! Yeah God - Yeah Docs - Yeah Courtney!

    I'll continue to pray for Tripp as he recovers, that the eye will not be iritated and that he leaves it alone.

    Praying from Waterford, Michigan
    Kim M

  4. So glad that the surgery went good!! Hope his recovery is easy for little Tripp and you all!!

  5. so thankful that the surgery went well. praying for a full recovery!

  6. So happy to hear all went well, and thank god you have been blessed with such wonderful doctors. Praying for a great recovery! Love you guys.

  7. I'm so happy that the surgery went well & pray for a speedy recovery. God bless all. Love ya'll & will continue praying for all of you.

  8. I am sooo glad Tripps surgery went well. I hope he has a full recovery and it all works out. I will be praying for you guys:)

  9. So happy that the surgery went so well. I love the FB video of him being so goofy. You are doing an amazing job taking care of this very special little boy.
    Glad you are so confident with the drs. at the hospital. That is soooo important for your well being.
    Prayers are still coming your way that Tripp will be so much happier after this surgery. Take care. Love you guys. Love Leah's Nana

  10. I am so glad everything went well and that you made it through it as well too :)
    Hope his recovery goes well and we will keep saying our prayers!!!!
    Love ya'll
    Abby Anderson

  11. So glad the surgery is over and that it went well!! Thinking of Tripp!!

  12. Praying for Tripp's speedy recovery. So glad everything went as planned.

  13. Glad the surgery went well. I stopped at work at 12:00 to pray for him!

  14. Absolutely amazing. A month ago I did not know EB existed. Let alone amniotic transplant. Amazing.
    Blessings from above.