Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tripp's FIRST WORD!!! (in sign language!)

So, we've been working and working and working on the sign language thing.  And I think he's finally getting it.  He's always paid very close attention to everything we do, but lately he's just been a little more interested.

For awhile now, Papa has been pushing him around the house in literally anything he can find on wheels... my grandma's walker, her Hoveround (yes.), and the computer chair... well he LOVES it.  Anything moving- he loves.  Well when you stop pushing him, he kind of just looks up at you and starts shaking his body like, "Um, hello... keep moving!"  So we kept saying, "Do you want 'more'?" and doing the sign.  Well he GOT IT!  And now we've created a monster!! haha.

So Grammy and Papa got him a car.  It's kinda perfect because his feet don't drag and we can push him- and he fits in it perfect.  And when he's in it, if you ask him if he wants to get out... he shakes his head "no."  And then starts his "more" sign.  The way he does it is so cute because he can't do it with his fingertips, of course, because they are raw.  So he does it with one fist and one open hand.  But trust me- he knows exactly what it means!

OH, and he definitely can say "Mommy," too!!  He won't do it often... but if he's in the right mood, you can get him to do it.  Except the "Mommy" sign is pretty darn close to a LOT of other signs... Who thought of these things???  Don't they know Mommy should have it's own- VERY distinct sign??  O well, we are working on all kinds of signs every day now.  And he's taking more and more in.  He's our little miracle baby- I swear.

As far as "how is he doing?"... well there's no other way to put it than- he has good days and he has bad days.  I never know what kind of day it will be.  A new day always brings a new challenge- mentally or physically.  The mornings are still extremely rough for him.  It takes him a few hours to before he can actually sit up and play or sometimes even open his eyes.  He is in a lot of pain in the morning- even with his pain medicine (which is just ibuprofen).  His face is looking a little bit rough these days.  I'm not sure if it's the heat or what.  But he's getting new blisters on his face and head... and the ones already there- I'm starting to think they have no intentions of healing.  But we will see.  He likes to pick at his sores now- which is a nightmare.  But poor baby- they must be so aggravating and so painful to him.

Bath time is still the worst for him.  He DREADS it.  (Me too.)  When you sit him on the table, he immediately knows and doesn't stop crying until you lay him back on the table naked.  He almost gets to the point where he makes himself sick from crying.  It's painful to watch- and the more times you watch... it NEVER gets easier.

So, he still has his ups and downs.  Last week he was running fever and his sores started looking really bad.  So I took it upon myself to stop the new medicine he was on and go back up on the steroids.  I was worried about starting something new when he was doing so well... and once again- I should've followed my "Mommy intuition."  He had some fluid in his ears, so I'm hoping that was what was causing the fever.  That or his teeth.  We didn't do wound cultures, because there was so certain sore that looked infected-  they just all-around looked junky.  So I'm hoping maybe it was just a little viral infection and that now it's passed.

But check this kid out-  he brings so much joy into my life.  What in the world would I do without him??


Muscles with Daddy

3 Little Monkeys.

Relaxin' in my new car.  I've got them right where I want them now.


Eating his vegetables.

Signing "More"

Tummy time is getting a little more tolerable!

Could you smile like that with all those bo-bos??... I know I couldn't!!
Oh, and don't miss Tripp's tournament post below:) 



  1. I didn't think it was possible to love that little boy anymore ... but now I do!

  2. Love LOVE LOVE all the videos. If our babies can be so sweet through so much, what do we have to complain about?! You guys bring so much joy TO him as well, cheers for being GREAT parents. I'm proud to witness.

  3. You are doing a great job with him! I was wandering if u have looked into doing the transplant for Tripp to see if it would help make his life any easier. I love hearing about you guys hope you are doing better and loved if u had time at all to update more offten! Thanks for shairing with us

  4. awwww! So sweet and precious! Thanks so much for posting the videos they are so cute! He is learing so fast now!

  5. Oh my word...he is the sweetest thing! Such a big boy now, learning so fast!!!

    I watched all the videos and giggled right along with you!

  6. Such a sweet boy! I love all his smiles! I know what you mean about smiling with boo-boos! These kids can teach you what tough really is!! I'm so happy to see him doing so well! Love you guys!Jenn

  7. Oh my goodness he is just PRECIOUS!!! I loved all the pics and videos but the 3 monkeys was my favorite!!!!! Adorable! Praying for quick healing of those stubborn sore on his sweet little face!

  8. O my gosh I can't he said his first word
    And for the pee pee problem you could try a balloon and jut change
    the balloon after every pee pee just a thought love alwayse mya

  9. I absolutely LOVE the videos!!! He's so freakin adorable!

  10. What a treat to see him in action! I pop in every now and then from Jonah's site.
    What a little smartie Tripp is!

    And you are such a selfless and amazing mama. I have so much respect for what you do every day.
    I pray that God will bless your family tremendously, and that your sweet Tripp will have lots of good days ahead.

  11. oh my WORD he just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I don't know how you stand it!! And honestly, Tripp is an amazing boy - God has given him a very strong and sweet spirit!!

    Continuing to pray for Tripp and for you and Randy!

    Love from TX!

  12. I follow Jonah's blog & she shared Tripp's adorable (!!!) 3 Little Monkeys- I could just eat him up! He is so super cute!
    Thanks for sharing his scrumptiousness.

  13. He is the cutest little guy I have ever seen.
    Tripp is awesome!

    I know we don't know each other and I honestly don't even know how I found your blog but I am rooting for that precious little boy.

  14. "Momma called the doctor and the doctor said.."
    Watching him shake his head no, while looking at the camera is beyond adorable and cracks me up every time I watch it!! That's awesome!! He's such smart little boy -great job with the sign language!! =)

  15. Thanks so much for posting those videos. I love to see our boy in action. He has a heart of gold and I am so proud of you guys. He is doing so well and looks so darn adorable.
    I am always praying for you guys and hope the next year is easier for everyone.
    Take care and remember you have so many people who love and care about Tripp. He is quite a little celebrity, but boy does he deserve it.
    Still love the muscles best!!! Love you guys. Love Leah's Nana

  16. Thanks for the post Courtney. He is absolutely adorable. Watching the videos today brought tears to my eyes.He is crazy smart and happy. I don't know how you stand his cuteness. Thanks again!!!

  17. Let me thank you for your heartfelt, generous and precious sharing of your story and all the best goes out to your son and your whole family. Please disregard my question if you do not feel up to it: Do you se BMT as a future treatment option for Tripp? Why or why not? To follow your story just makes one so intensely interested in finding therapeutic options for you!

  18. That's what I was thinking...the question you asked about smiling through bo-bo's.

    I just love Tripp he always makes me smile/laugh...he's adorable.

  19. MY NOAH IS DEAF AND WE ALL SIGN American Sign Laung (ASL) is the most common used in the US now. However some use see sign or sign exact English...I rec ASL! There is ONLY ONE sign for mom/mommy mom and mommy are the same and dad and daddy have the same sign..There is a GREAT website (Signing Time) you may want to check out! My kids (hearing kids) LOVE the dvd's well Noah loves them too...If you are wanting to learn you can go to and they have an online training class where you learn at your own pace...Tripp is so darn cute! LOVE THE videos!