Sunday, October 31, 2010

Prayers for Hailey.

Tonight I have a special prayer request.  
Hailey Visbal is almost 5 years old and has already been through so much.  She has a number of medical problems: Epilepsy, Celiac Disease, Alopecia, but the worst one is Encephalopathy (brain disease).  Her episodes of Encephalopathy have varied in length and severity, but they all start with hallucinations and becoming unresponsive, then she deteriorates from there. Her encephalopathy is of “unknown origin”, meaning they don’t know what’s causing it.  She has had 9 episodes, and they don't know how to fix them. 

Hailey is currently back in the hospital and not doing well.  Her mother, Robin contacted me and asked for me to post her story, so that we can rally up the prayer warriors.  So PLEASE say a prayer for Hailey tonight.  We don't know exactly what she and her family are going through, but we know how it feels to be in the hospital and scared of the "unknown."  
Isn't she beautiful?  Check out those eyes.  


You can visit their family website here.  Please go and show them some support.  



  1. We will add Hailey to our prayer list. One thing I believe to be true is... There are power in numbers especially in prayer.
    Dear Lord,
    I ask you to please be with Hailey. Give her the courage and strength she needs as you grant healing within her body. Please guide the doctors, nurses, and all medical staff who come in contact with her. Grant them the wisdom they need to answer the questions that are presented. May you grant her parents the peace, comfort, and strength they need on this journey. May they remember that you are always with them. You will never leave nor forsake them. Thank you God for all the blessings you have and will bestow upon them. Amen

  2. I follow their blog and I am praying for their family.

  3. I just discovered your blog. Thank you for posting this. Keep me posted if you need any more prayers. I will be sure to make Hailey a part of my family's prayers!