Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hi :)

We are still here! Tripp is fighting some type of SOMETHING.  I have no clue what.  We tried Augmentin and that tore up his stomach and wasn't helping.  Now we have been on Avelox (same family as Cipro) for about 6-7 days and he's still running a low-grade temp.  So now I'm thinking it's probably his poor mouth.  But I think he also has a yeast infection going on, so Dr. Defusco is going to start him on some Diflucan tomorrow.  And if that doesn't work, back on Clindamycin for his mouth.  And if that doesn't work... I'm out of ideas!  I don't think the fever is respiratory related or GI related because those areas seem to be okay right now.  So I guess we will just try one thing at a time and try to narrow the issues down.  He hasn't been horrible... just not his normal self.  Well, honestly, I don't think I know what his "norm" is anyway.  But I know he's not feeling good.  He's not wanting to play, he's stiff like you can tell he's got "body aches," and his sores look bad.  
I can just tell when something's up. 
 I know my little man:)

I wanted to let everyone in on the decision for Tripp's 2nd birthday, also.  I initially wanted to do something big (and of course it would have been here at my parents... Tripp hasn't left this house in MONTHS) and let the adults peek in at Tripp, and the kids stay outside and play.  But I talked myself out of it.  Reasons being: 
1.  We've tried WAY too hard to keep germs away from Tripp, especially in this past year, so I just can't see how having a big huge birthday party with lots of people would be a good idea.
2.  I have WAY too much going on right now than to stress about planning a big birthday party (especially since I'm a little anal when it comes to that and everything would have to be perfect). 
3.  If I'm going to be honest, I don't think I'm in the "state of mind" to watch a ton of healthy kids running around in the yard when Tripp probably won't even get off of the rocking chair.  No offense, but the older Tripp gets, the harder it gets to see other kids:(

SO, I think we are just going to have something low-key with immediate family only and give Tripp A LOT of lovin' and kisses and presents:) That's what he would want anyway (minus the lovin' and kisses:)  I think he will be happy with that.  And I think it will be the best thing for him and for everyone.  

I can't believe my little man is going to be TWO.  
What a blessing.  
The toughest, but most rewarding and most special two years of my life.  

Look at those cheeks!  I see a little steroid moon-pie face coming on:)
To me, nothing could be cuter!

My little musician fell asleep with his shaker:)

My wonderful aunt Sharon who lives in Pensacola came to visit this past weekend.  And she brought me the most amazing surprise.  Without me knowing, she had contacted one of my awesome blog readers, Holly Stokes.  Holly is from Queensland, Australia and she is obviously SUPER talented.  My aunt went to her blog (please visit it HERE) and asked her if she would mind drawing a sketch of Tripp for me.  So she drew THREE- free of charge- shipped them all to my aunt herself- and even framed one for me.  Then my aunt framed the other 2 for me, and brought them all here:)
I am IN LOVE with them.  
Holly- these are pictures that I will treasure for the rest of my life.  They are absolutely beautiful.  You are so talented and truly appreciate you taking YOUR time to do this for me. They are all three hanging over my bed where Tripp and I sleep:)  Thank you, Thank you!!
Thank you aunt Sharon for this gift I will have forever:) 
You know how much I love you!
And here they are....
(they are pictures of a copy of the originals... so sorry about the poor quality.  But they are GORGEOUS)



  1. taht is so precious ! i think i will order one from her for christmas !

  2. Beautiful!! She told me about them but I didn't see them, amazing job! We love you Court!! The girls are always asking abou you and Tripp, savannah has his name written very large on her binder. I have people here in Eunice ask me about Tripp often. I'm coming to ponchatoula next weekend, just me and I would love to come see you. I'll call when I get into town. Love you and your little man bunches!!!

  3. Awwww, Court these are amazing!!! I am very glad you got these and you can cherish them forever and ever!!!!! You and Tripp are forever in our prayers!!!

  4. Aww those pictures are amazing. I'm thinkin of order one for my parents for Christmas (if money allows me)

  5. So sweet of her, and the pictures are so beautiful!

  6. I love them too! How beautiful, she really "captured" Tripp didn't she? I am praying the fever runs it's course quickly and Tripp gets back to his little norm~ Thinking about you all and praying for Tripp always!

  7. wow those are simply breath taking. What a talent and what a amazing gift you will always cherish... I hope that Easter and Tripps 2nd birthday are wonderful and he is feeling better and can enjoy them... he just proves to us all everyday what a miricle he is and what a amazing mommy you are too!

  8. I love those pictures! My son passed away about 3 1/2 months ago, and I think I HAVE to have one of him! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Been thinking of you and Tripp. Congrats on the 2nd birthday, amazing! Hope he gets over whatever he has real soon!

  9. What an awesome and most precious gift! (that's Tripp first, of course) The pictures are so wonderful! Kuddos to Sharon & Holly! You can even see his personality in those pics! Praying for you all during this time, for healing and for Tripp to feel better!

  10. I always love reading your posts :)
    I hope he feels better soon , the sketches are beautiful and I agree with your decision to have a small party for him.
    God bless you and your family <3 from Pennsylvania.

  11. Hi Courtney: What beautiful pictures. They made me cry. That was such a generous gift.
    So glad that you decided against a big birthday bash. You guys really don't need all those germs right now.
    Give that precious son of yours a big hug and kiss for me. Have a wonderful Easter. Love and Hugs Leah's Nana

  12. What sweet pictures. Just precious. But you must share what we, your blogland family, can do for Tripp's 2nd birthday. A special toy, a gift certificate, a DVD? We could us a PO box or a relative's address. Maybe some clothes or a new soft blankie, or, well, you tell me. Here's my email address... I would love to participate, even from all the way across the country! I could bake cookies or send ingredients so you could make cupcakes with Tripp (if he can do that). I don't care...just want to celebrate with you and Tripp!!! Hugs to you both!

  13. Love you and little man and are my hero's.

  14. We would love to do something Special for you and Tripp for his 2nd b-day! what a huge milestone! We have been following your blog for sometime and are absolutely in love with the little guy. My kids (ages 3 and 5) ask about him all the time. He is beautiful! Please give a suggestion as to what could be possible to help you celebrate!

  15. Courtney, I'm a BioEngr blog reader and this is off the wall, but there is a product in Phase III trials that is spray on skin cells for treating burn victims, ReCell.

    I have no idea if it would be possible to use this technology with EB patients, but my heart breaks for little Tripp and I wonder if you could send the company info to consider.

  16. Courtney, I posted earlier and said something like I hope Tripp gets over what he has real soon. I hope you know that I did not mean EB. I meant the little bug he has now. It's been bothering me all day, so I had to clarify. :)

  17. Hi, the drawings are soo beautiful, and so is the real little man!!

    I think your descision about Tripp´s birthday is really wise. I think all he wants to do is having all loved ones around him and being in the middle of everyones love and affection.

    I´m sorry if I seem blunt now but I´ve been thinking about something. I also follow little Elly from Sweden. Her mother has been telling us (in the blog) about Elly getting blood transfusions.

    Do little Tripp also get transfusions "now and then"? Or doesn´t he need them? I´m just really interested when the transfusions seem to be really good for Elly. Both for her skin and, everything, I believe.

    I hope the mean little bug will leave soon!

    Love and hugs to you and your little man, from Sweden.


  18. the pictures are just as beautiful Tripp and I am sure they will always be among your most treasured things. Your Aunt had a wonderful idea and the artist is amazing too. Prayers continue for you, Trip and all who love him. Again, thanks for taking time to keep us updated.
    Bunny Hugs to Tripp,
    ( Alabama )

  19. WOW - those are amazing picures! What a wonderful gift! And what a wonderful aunt!

    I'm so sorry that sweet Tripp is battling yet again. It just amazes me that he can still smile and be just too cute through all of it, though. Praying for him and for you to know the best way to help him.

    Also, adding on to some of the other posters, Tripp's team in TX would LOVE to send him something for his 2nd birthday! Do you have a "wish list" of things he'd like/need? :)

    Lots of love and prayers from TX!

  20. Hey dearest Courtney and Tripp,

    I'm so happy to hear you were pleased with the portraits!!! Your aunty is so beautiful to organise this for you. She contacted me the day I started my blog and I was so honoured to be asked!!! It was a very special project and each drawing was done with lots of emotion and love. I did three because I just couldn't decide which photo I liked best, and Tripp has so many cute expressions!!! He is so beautiful!!! Thankyou also, for placing the drawings on your blog, I've since had a few requests to do more work and it's been a huge confidence boost!!!

    Best wishes to you, Tripp and family. I hope the dear little man gets back to good health soon and that you all enjoying planning for his 2nd birthday!!!

    Love and hugs xoxoxoxoxo


  22. the pictures are beautiful. what an awesome gift.

  23. BEAUTIFUL pictures! I love them!! I was just thinking today about Tripp turning two! What a big boy! I'm thinking and praying for you all! Love, Jenn

  24. Absolutely beautiful! I sure do hope Tripp does get better really soon. I love watching his videos of playtime and dancing. So praying he is up and being his cute little self. Love you all!

  25. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful little boy. I hope Tripp is feeling better soon and enjoys his birthday. God bless you and continued prayers for Tripp and your family.

  26. what beautiful pictures!!!
    google gentian violet for yeast. amazing what it can do, and it has healing properties. very soothing.

  27. Good drawings! Get nice frames for them!

  28. Those are just beautiful. I cried instantly! He is such a precious baby boy! You are such a strong mother and he is lucky to have you as his mommy! Tripp is a trooper, he is in our prayers!

  29. Wow.. the sketches are so amazing....
    I hope Tripp will be fine soon...

    God Bless you all!

    Kind Regards,