Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day weekend & Nanny time.

First of all, I want to start by saying that I think a lot of people take Mother's Day for granted.  It's kind of just "assumed" when you're growing up that you will be able to have kids and be a Mom one day (if that is in your plans).  So as hurt as I am that my child is not healthy, I feel really blessed and grateful to be a Mom and to have Tripp with me everyday of my life.  And at the same time I'm feeling very sad for the Mommies who have lost children or who can't have children of their own at all.  I just think it's important that we all stop our busy lives sometimes and think about what others might be going through on a day like Mother's Day.  A day that we just mark on our calenders and plan parties for without missing a beat.  So to all of you Mommies who have lost a child- or children- or who have never had the experience of having a child on your own or of your own- Please know you are thought about.  Because you should not be forgotten on this day.  

I want to thank my amazing Mother.  You have been my ROCK my whole life, but especially in these past 2 years.  You have so selflessly put your life aside to take us in under your roof and devote yourself 24/7 to helping me and helping Tripp.  Your life has changed just as much as mine has- from not leaving the house to not being able to even go to the bathroom without someone needing you.  I love you, Mom.  And there are no words that I could type down here that would ever come close to telling you how much you mean to me and how very grateful I am to have you as my Mom.  You are an angel. 
Mrs. Pam, you spend countless hours in that rocking chair so that I can have time to get things done for Tripp or even just have a little time for myself.  You have been by our side from the minute Tripp was born, helping with whatever it was that made our lives a little easier.  And with everything we've been through, you have never once lost focus on who and what is important- and that is Tripp.  Thank you for loving me and loving my little man more than I could have ever imagined.  I love and appreciate you more than you know.  

Tripp's Nanny (my big sister) was in town this week!  She came in on Saturday (from North Dakota) and left this morning.  Why is it that it takes so long for her visit to get here and then it goes by SO very fast.  We have had such a great time visiting and Tripp was SO happy to see his Nanny.  He was grinning ear to ear and wiggling those little toes like crazy when he heard her voice.  Thank God for skype so that he knows his Nanny and her voice.  You could definitely tell he did.   Britt and I got to go grab lunch together and get pedicures while she was here.  I absolutely adore my sister and I'm already counting down the days until she gets to come back.  We have so much fun together- even if it's just doing nothing.  We've always been so close and it's always a really sad goodbye.  
Britt's husband, Mike couldn't make it this time because of work (he's in the Air Force) but he sent Tripp a birthday card signed by his squadron and a patch- so he is now officially a part of the 54th Helicopter Squadron:) Thank you all!

I had the best Mother's Day that I could ever ask for.  My family is the best.  And I got to spend the whole day with the people I love and most importantly, my little man.  Tripp was in the best mood.  He played his drums almost all day and actually went outside to see some of the family.  My dad's side of the family came on Sunday.  All of my beautiful little cousins were here that I haven't got to see in a while.  None of the kids were allowed inside, so they looked at Tripp through the window.  It was so sweet because we cracked the window a little and Tripp could hear them singing to him.  He would play his drums to the tune of their song- and they were loving being able to see him play.   


Tripp has been loving him some "Maw Maw" lately.  My grandma lives in a smaller house that was added on to my parents, so every now and then Tripp will want to walk over and sit on her lap.  He loves for her to sing to him with her French accent.  And she is just eating him up and loving every minute.

The school bus OUTSIDE? :)
He's such a little trooper. 

Papa, Grammy, Brittany (Nanny), Me, the unhappy Trippster, Ashley (my brother's girlfriend), and my little brother Jason.

Tripp and MeMe.  How cute are those smiles??

I know a lot of you have been e-mailing me for our address.  I FINALLY opened a P.O. Box. 
Courtney and Tripp Roth
P.O. Box 216
Ponchatoula, LA  70454

We celebrated Tripp's birthday with my sister on Tuesday night, because she wasn't going to be able to stay until his actual birthday on Saturday.  We just had some cake, let him open his presents from his Nanny, and took some pictures.  I will wait to post the pictures for his "birthday post" since we will be celebrating again on his actual birthday with Randy and his family.  
I went with the "duck" theme since that seems to be Tripp's "toy of choice" for these past few weeks.  So my aunt made to cutest duckie cake and I bought lots of ducks and balloons that I will decorate his little "area" with.  
I cannot believe my little man is turning TWO.   How blessed am I that I got to spend two whole years with one of God's miracles.  And you can say what you want, but I know that it's a miracle that my baby is alive- I've seen every day, all the days of his life... and I know what he's been through.  This child is alive for a reason.  He's touching lives and changing lives.  And even if it was only MY life that he's changed, I know that because of one life (HIS life) that I will never be the same for as long as I live.  With my next child... whenever that may be... I will never take one cry, one laugh, one step, one smile, or ONE thing at all for granted.  Tripp is my world.  I can't remember what my life was without him in it. And I never want to have to remember.  



  1. As always, I smile and the amazing person that you are, and the wonderful child Tripp is. Happy Birthday little Tripp. Love coming your way over the miles XO

  2. What a beautiful post. I am so glad to know about Tripp. He truly is a blessing from God!

  3. You are blessed~ we all are blessed to know your precious little son Courtney! Enjoy the second party~ Happy Happy Birthday to Tripp! You ROCK Tripp~ and I mean that literally! You have a musical genius there Courtney! Love from Ohio~ Diana a.k.a. Meme

  4. So beautiful! as always Courtney your words show every bit of love for Tripp. I am so glad you had a wonderful mother's day, and have such a great mom. I am so glad she is your rock and helps you so much with your little man.

  5. Think of and pray for y'all often. Take care.

  6. This post has shown me a deeper part of your heart, and you just keep getting more and more beautiful. Your heart is so big I wonder how all the other organs fit! Thank you for acknowledging those of us who have lost children and/or can't or, for whatever reason, didn't have the children we so desperately wanted. It's an eternal pain that few 'mothers' ever thing about. As for our Tripp...he just looks wonderful and it brings tears to see that darling smile. How blessed you and he are to have become a family. Well, your whole family is just wonderful and I want to tell your mother that she is seen in you, and what a tribute you are to her. Sending always!

  7. Courtney-Tripp continues to touch many lives - even this one thousands of miles away (Seattle). His courage, the love you share and his cute smile always bring me smiles and prayers that his pain will lessen so he can continue to light up the world with his smile!

  8. I have been reading your blog for a while now, and thought I would post a comment. You are an amazing mother and Tripp is just the cutest little boy ever. I look forward to hearing how he is doing each week and just love the little guy so much. Thanks for sharing his stories and genuinely expressing your feelings. I have shared your blog with my family and they absolutely adore Tripp as well. We are all cheering him on and genuinely hope he starts seeing more and more better days ahead.

    As for your recent post, Tripp looks so happy playing outdoors. His smile is just precious. Glad to hear he was in such a great mood for Mother's Day!

  9. Beautiful family! Tripp isn't the only trooper in that all are. Glad to see him smiling...

  10. Where at in ND does your sister live?! I'm guessing Minot AFB? I am also from ND, I be she's enjoying the freezing weather in May as we all are!

  11. Tripp looks great in the pictures, his face is healed quite a bit, such a beautiful little guy and a happy smile. Bless you all and Happy early Birthday to Tripp.

  12. Very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tripp!!! Hope he, and all your loved ones, enjoy it a lot!

  13. Look at that beautiful, beautiful boy!! He looks fantabulous!!! Of course, with a grin like that how could he not??? :)

    Once again, thank you so much for sharing him with all of us. It always makes my day to see new photos!!

  14. Hi Tripp,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY little dude!!! It's already the 14th here in Australia so your birthday can start early and stretch over 2 days. Congratulations on turning TWO, it's wonderful to see you grow and watch how many lives you've touched in such a short time. Have a wonderful day with your family and enjoy your birthday cake. Thinking of you and sending loads of love your way xoxoxoxoxoxo

  15. Hi Guys: I just wanted to wish my favorite little guy a very, very Happy Birthday. Two years old, God Bless You Tripp.
    Love the update and the pictures of your beautiful family. Your family is just awesome. After all you guys have been through, you all look so so happy.
    Please give Tripp a big hug and kiss for me. Love you guys. Love and Kisses Leah's Nana

  16. Happy Birthday Tripp! He is such a precious child and even though I have never met him, I truly love your little boy! I can't wait for the new birthday pictures. May your faith in God keep you strong!

  17. Your family is beautiful!!! I am sooo glad you have such a great family to support you!! Not for nothing, but your mom is beautiful!!!

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