Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday pics.

Hey guys... I know you've been wondering how Tripp's birthday party was.  Well, the party was great... but Tripp- not so great.  On Friday (his actual birthday) he was great, we stayed around the house with my mom and sis and Randy's mom and PawPaw Carey.  But then Saturday morning, the day of his party, he woke up with another abrasion.  UGH.  I was SO upset.  He was miserable and barely opening his eyes.  I gave him some Tylenol with Codeine, but that didn't do much.  SO we brought our rocker to the party and that's pretty much where he stayed the whole time.  He opened his eyes for about 15 minutes to take a few pics with the big Mickey and that was about it.  I just know that if he hadn't been in so much pain, that he would have had SUCH a great time!!  We even sang Happy Birthday to him with his eyes closed.  I know..... I was crying.  Anyway, I am not going to do his "Party Post" yet because I am waiting for pictures from my aunt, who was kind enough to take pictures for us!  So when I get those, I will post about his party and everyone who helped make it AWESOME!

Right now, I want to post some pictures from his Birthday on Friday.  These are before the abrasion... and are SO cute :)

Cute... but didn't go over well.
Takes after his Momma... loooooves icing!

Ok, so here is just a preview of Tripp at his party... 
Post coming when I get the pics :)

He suffered the rest of the weekend with his eye until we could get him in to the doctor this morning to get another contact and now he is feeling a lot better- except that he had to get 3 shots today!! ugh.  
But he's a trooper!  I think from now on, maybe the doctors will believe me that he needs them in PREVENTATIVE.  They just hate putting the contacts in as much as I hate watching them put them in! O well... all is good for now.  Too bad he missed his party. He was a day late and a dollar short!  




  1. The pics are so cute. I am so so so sorry. I hate EB so much! Poor little guy. He is so beautiful. Will continue to pray for him. Love the red and black on him.

    Columbus , Ohio

  2. Hey Courtney, I'm from Canada. I've been reading your post for awhile. Tripp is soooo cute! So sorry he missed his birthday... but everyday is a birthday, right? Will continue to pray for the little guy. He indeed is a trooper!

  3. but he's 1 year or no party! The little guy made it! Happy birthday little man.

  4. Happy birthday Tripp! What a cutie! I hate EB too. Poor buddy, I hope they'll listen to you about his eyes from now on.

  5. Sorry to hear that he "missed" his party but I am very glad that he is feeling better today. Poor baby, it just seems so unfair that he have to deal with so much pain. Please give him a gentle kiss from us... we are praying for him in South Florida!

  6. found your blog from the 'Shoulders' site. my heart breaks for you and your family.

    from your blog i clicked on the link to 'remembering leah' and also read about jonah and owen.

    i will keep praying for you all.

    tripp is such a gorgeous baby, he's absolutely adorable and you really are extremely beautiful both inside and out. i am amazed by the love and strength you've found in God. continue hoping in Him.

    i've placed your prayer button (icon thing) on my blog. hope that's ok.

    sending love from the Gold Coast, australia


  7. I read your blog all the time and think of you!<3<3

  8. So sorry that Tripp was hurting on party day, but glad he felt okay for his actual birthday. You guys are always in my prayers and in my heart too. Take care and give Tripp a gentle hug for me. Love Leah's Nana

  9. Sorry that Tripp wasn't feeling well for the party, but thank you, thank you, thank you for inviting us...Jack loved finally meeting "baby Tripp"! We really enjoyed ourselves. You and your family are amazing! Thoughts and prayers always!
    Diane Rabalais

  10. Hey Courtney,

    I found your blog the other day by accident. I am amazed by the strength that your family has when dealing with this horrible disease. My son is 6 months old and I couldn't imagine having to watch him in that much pain or discomfort. Tripp is an amazing and handsome gift that you have. I can tell that watching him in pain was extremely difficult for you, but remember he proved those doctors that said he wouldn't make a year wrong the other day. Even thought he couldn't see some of the party, I am sure he could hear it and feel the love all around him. In the end, that is the best gift you can give him: love and support. I hope that is eye is doing much better, and that the next year will come with fewer set backs. Happy Birthday Tripp! You are one tough little kid!

    Love from Jenison Michigan


  11. That is a mama speaking. The little man didn't miss his party. He was there and he loved it. We all got to visit with him and he opened his eyes long enough to get icing and take a few pictures. "he was just playing opossum".
    We love you guys.