Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Doctor's Appointments.

Yesterday Tripp had all of his doctor's appointments.  First we went in to check his hearing... and the nurse said she doesn't think he could hear any better.  He passed with flying colors, but we definitely KNEW he could hear well.  Nosey, nosey, nosey.  He sat on my lap in a little dark room and then little bears and animals light up and make nose and he's supposed to follow the noises.  It was cute.  He was excited and patting his legs.

Then we went to the ENT and she checked his ears.  She said his ears look better than they have his whole life and that the tubes were doing what they were supposed to.  His trach, on the other hand, still has the large ulcer on the bottom of it.  I'm going to do some nebulized steroids a couple times a day for a few weeks and see if that helps the sore shrink a little and also my try and use a smaller suction catheter hoping it will have less power... but then it doesn't get all of the "stuff" out, you know?  But we will see.  

Next, we went to the eye doctor.  (last Friday morning he rubbed his eye and his contact came out of his left eye).  So he only has a contact in his right eye right now.  They stained the left eye without the contact and said he didn't have any abrasions right now, so they are going to leave the contact out unless his eye gets bad again.  The other eye he just wanted to leave alone also because it looked fine.  He said the contact would be okay to stay in another month unless he rubs it out before.  So it was a non-dramatic experience this time.  The only thing they bothered him with was trying to get a picture of the skin-tag on his right eye because they wanted to "present" him in Grand Rounds next week.  Which means, I guess, that they will do a presentation on him in front of a bunch of different doctors/residents/etc... Which I though was great!  The doc said to give him a call next week to see if anyone had any new ideas/suggestions for his eyes.

Last, we went to see the dietician for the first time.  She was really nice and seemed very intelligent.  She also seemed very eager to help.  She took down some info on Tripp and was going to calculate some numbers and give me a call back at the end of the week.  She pretty much said that she wants to start him on a pediatric formula like Pediasure or something along those lines.  Also, she said that she wants him to start with a protein supplement.  She told us that weight-wise, he was doing great... but length-wise she thought he was a little behind.  But with all of his bandaging, I know his weight is inaccurate, so he may not be as far behind as they are writing down.  But I'm really happy about starting him on a higher calorie formula and some protein.    Bring on the height!

So I'm pretty sure our "Spring" is officially over.  It is too hot for Tripp to be outside already... even early in the morning.  We are talking about glassing in our front porch so that he will at least get to "feel" like he is outside this summer.  I just don't think people realize that we really REALLY are going to be stuck in the house ALL summer.  It is already just getting hotter INSIDE and the AC isn't keeping up.  We are in trouble.  And all I keep thinking about is how much he has just been loving outside lately.  Poor baby.  He starts sweating immediately.  Even yesterday from the car to the hospital was too hot.  UGH. Ugh. ugh.  So very frustrating.  Pray for a cool summer.... HA HA HA HA.

Digging in Mommy's purse...
"Hmmm.  What you got up in here good, Momma?"

Waiting for the doc banging his favorite plastic "doctor's office" cups.
Exciting, I know.

Best part is, I dressed him in blue... so not one person asked if he was a girl! ha.



  1. What a sweetie! I'm so glad to hear that his hearing and weight are good. I stopped in the middle of reading and said a prayer for your precious boy. I have grown to love him dearly.


  2. Love to hear that everything is looking good! Tripp is such a handsome little man with oodles of personality (hence the rolling of the eyes...haha.)

    Love y'all!!

  3. I think he's Grrrrrrrrreat! And so are you!

  4. So glad most everything looked good at his dr appointments today!!! He is such a cutie patootie!!

  5. why cant he go out at all? does the sweat cause blisters or something?

  6. So glad all the doctor appointments went well. Go Tripp and Courtney keep up the good work. Love ya'll.

  7. Sounds like it was a good day all around. Praying for a cool summer.

  8. He is such a cutie! I feel terrible for him now it's getting so hot..I'm in Baton Rouge, not far from ya, and it's already getting close to unbearably hot and humid. And it's MAY. Ugh. My prayers go out to you and Tripp!

  9. Courtney, my little boy has a medical condition and can't tolerate the heat either. 75 degrees is tops for him! Last summer we bought him a cooling vest and a cooling blanket and it has worked out sooo well! This e-magazine has some great places to shop. In fact Susan has a wealth of info on her site!
    We got Asa's vest at Silver Eagles Outfitters. My Asa loves it outside too but without the vest he'd be inside much sooner.

  10. Courtney, just wanted to tell you happy mothers day to one of the greatest moms I know! You do so much for tripp and you inspire me to be a better mom. He is one lucky guy. I follow your blogs and enjoy everything you write. The pictures are the best. Enjoy your special
    day tomorrow and i know you would agree that we are so lucky to have these beautiful babies in our lives. I'm glad Jules finally got to meet your little fellow. Take care!

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