Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This and That.

Hiya.  Tripp had a pretty good day today.  He was a little moody this morning when he got up and it seemed like his eye was bothering him a good bit, but then he took a good 2 hour nap rocking on MeMe and when he woke up he felt much better.  I think he actually sat up on his mat and played for about an hour kicking his feet and watching Mickey (without reaching up for me to hold him every time I walked by.  What a good kid.  He is such a great baby.

For about the past 2 weeks, Tripp has started figuring out what "bath" means.  He gets the "vibe" when I'm getting everything ready for dressing change (which is a HUGE process and I'd like to video one day so you guys can see).  And when you sit him on the table to start taking the dressings off, he immediately breaks down... holding his arms out for me and making the saddest face I've ever seen.  It's really sad.  Then he still HATES the water part (of course) even with salt.  Some days are better then others.  But then when we put him back on the dressing table after we get him out of the tub, he is good.  We let him play naked just for a little while because he jumps and kicks around like crazy.  He loves being naked.  But he is SUCH a good boy for the "putting on the dressings" part.

Still waiting for a few more pics before I post the party ones.  But I wanted to post a few from today and this week that were cute.  He finally started rocking on his baseball rocker by his self!! It's so cute... I've been waiting for him to be able to get on it and actually like it!

Hey Mom, if you put batteries in my ball popper from Christmas, 
it's like a new toy!!

Check out my B-eautiful arms!!

Tripp got this frog from our cousin, Lindy, for his birthday.
I LOVE it!  It's SO soft and SO padded. 
Plus it's super CUTE.

The "G-raffe" MeMe bought him after his shots. 
Think he's rotten? Noooo. 

This is a book my cousins Jackie and Julie bought us for Mother's Day/Tripp's Bday.
It is TOO cute.  It's from Flattenme.com.
And it has my face super-imposed into every page. 
I know Tripp is thinking... "I see this woman every second of the day.. and now she's in my BOOKS?"

And my favorite... 
This is what I wake up to every morning. 
The King.

Learning to rock on Homer.




  1. His arms look awesome! And all those pictures are sooo cute! You are an amazing mother.

  2. Love all the pics Court. I can't get over how so darn cute and handsome he is! It was great to see you the other day. The party was awesome...I know it took ALOT of work! You did great!

    Love you!

  3. i used baking soda in my bath water when I was a kid. I thought it stung much less then salt water and even just plain water. i never measured it out, just dumped some in as the tub was filling up. I just to pop blisters in the bath under the water with the baking soda in it. which i know is hard to do on a wiggly baby!

  4. so cute....love the picture of him sleeping

  5. What a Cutie Pie! Looking forward to seeing birthday pics! I have been reading your blog for a few months now, and read some of the archived posts also. You are an amazing strong mother. Truly a blessing to each other. Tripp truly is a gift, teaching not only you, but all of us that you share with. Thank you for that, for showing there is joy and love in every moment, and blessings all around. You are in our prayers.

  6. Just love all the pictures Tripp is beautiful all over. He deserves to get spoiled rotten that makes him even more adorable.

  7. oh he's got to be the cutest baby. you are so strong Courtney. my heart aches every time i look at his photo on my blog. a good reminder for me to keep praying for others and not get caught up in my own little world. i am praying for Tripp to be healed completely so he can run around and play like other kids without having to worry so much.

  8. He's just precious! I love seeing those sweet little arms! =)

  9. he is too cute in the naked pic...TOO CUTE!!!

  10. I LOVE the video of him rocking Homer! Tripp is an awesome baby!

  11. Courtney, Tripp's beautiful from head to toe, great job. I sure hope that Tripp's eyes are well & sure hope the doctors start listening to you. There's no doubt you know what is best for Tripp after all your his Mother. I love all the pictures as well as the video of him rocking Homer.My prayers continue for all of you.