Saturday, September 12, 2009

Football Night with Daddy

Little Man had a rough week... He had to get a new feeding tube put in.  So now he gets to relax with daddy and watch football all weekend... but first they played all morning with Tripp's new favorite "teething" toy named Baloo.

Then... the football started.  Tripp was certainly dressed for the occasion.  He wore his new LSU outfit for the first time.... it fits him so cute.  He is so content just sitting in his bouncy seat watching the game, and he even let mommy play around and take pictures.  

Tripp's new teething toy is the softest little bear blanket thingy.  He is always chewing on his gloves, so we figured this would be a little softer.  It is so precious because he actually holds it and brings it to and from his mouth and stares at it in his little hands.... ahh, the little things that make us smile these days.  He is a little behind with some things, like hitting and grabbing for things because he has his gloves on and is wrapped up all the time.  But we are trying to let his hands out more so he can practice grabbing.  He will catch up I'm sure...right now he just likes to be a little lazy.  He hates when we make him sit up and "exercise his neck." I'm sure he's thinking, "You guys really want me to hold this big head and these big cheeks up by myself?"

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  1. OK so I came across your blog from Jonah's Mom's blog, which I found through a friend of there's. I do not know either one of you, but tears streamed down my face as I looked at your blog and your beautiful little man! I was very interested in reading about the EB, I have never heard of it and my Niece has recently been in Brenners with a very bad rash and they called it erythema multiforme She was in Brenners a week and they had no clue what was wrong with her. I pray for your family and your baby boy, he is so precious, I could just squeeze him. My Niece is still having to go through some testing and biopsies to rule out further problems. You all are in my prayers.
    Jennifer Smith Moretz
    Lexington NC