Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We went outside...WooHoo!

Today it was in the 80s outside!! It felt great... there was hardly any humidity.  We had to go to the dermatologist today... Grammy came with us, of course.  When we came out, it felt sooo good that I felt guilty bringing him home.  So I wanted to go sit outside and eat lunch.  Little did I know that it was EXTRA cool in the parking garage because it was shaded...duh.  So when we got to the restaurant, it was hotter than I thought.  Tripp's feet were starting to sweat, so we moved back inside.



Then when we got home, before we did his bath, we went outside on the front porch...



Then we went outside AGAIN when daddy was doing his baseball lessons... that's 3 times in one day!! WOW!  I don't think I've ever been so excited about the cool weather before.
The dermatologist gave him some medicine today for his itching, and he said it would make him sleepy... and he was right.  He's passed out now, so I better get some sleep... not that I will because I'm too nervous about him having a reaction to it, or being too sleepy that he won't wake up to eat. O well... Goodnight!!

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