Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back in the Hospital.

Yes.  It's true.  But even though we had to go through the ICU, it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Probably because they didn't have to ask us a million questions because everyone knows Tripp here now.  Not that it's a good thing that the whole hospital knows our son... but it's nice we we come in and everyone is familiar.  But we still have to explain the whole ordeal to the nurses who have never dealt with him before.  Momma has to be the doctor and the nurse and the tech and everything sometimes... it's exhausting.  It's funny when they say, well we have to put this pulse ox on him... and I tell them, well it can't go directly on his skin or it will rip it off and they still say, "Well, it's not really that sticky, I'm just gonna put it right here...."  Umm, NO your NOT.  So when we are in the hospital, we have to watch him and be looking and listening ALL the time.  You can't assume that anyone knows his condition and what he can and can't have.  I have to say, though.. I cannot say enough good things about this hospital.  Ochsner has been AMAZING.  Everyone here treats Tripp like royalty, and if they don't.. we let them know really quick like that he is the KING.  So I never said why we were in the hospital.. sorry.  He has not been breathing well.  He is retracting and pulling really bad.  It was pretty scary.  We brought him into the ER Sunday night, spent 2 nights in the ICU, and now we are on the Pediatric unit.  He is doing about the same... little better.  They are going to take him off of his breathing treatments and see what happens.   They still don't know what's causing it.  Can you say FRUSTRATING?  He has been soo restless and so uncomfortable.. and that's not my baby.  So I know he is just not feeling good, which breaks my heart.  And don't think I haven't been taking pictures...

In ICU...

Look Mommy!! I can hold my own tube!! I don't need him!

This is his new Octatunes Octopus named Ollie... MeMe brought him this for his 5 month birthday... which he spent in the hospital again!  He really likes this toy, I think because of it's big eyes.  He likes toys with bug eyes. 

We try so hard to impress him, but it takes a lot.  We figured out he doesn't like toys that are bigger than him... I think he gets intimidated.  

How this baby smiles feeling so crappy... I will never understand!

Tripp got to see the horsey again!!! He wasn't as impressed as we were... except this time that horsey STUNK!!

Mommy and Tripp both celebrated their birthday in the hospital!  Mommy 24, Tripp 5 months!! Happy Birthday to you!

Rocking with Daddy after his bath... all clean!

Mommy's favorite thing to do... snuggle.

Do you ever wonder if everything happens for a reason?  I think all of this has brought me closer to everyone that I love... It makes me appreciate family and friends, and appreciate the time that I have with the people that I am closest to.  Something like this also makes you realize a lot about people... There are people who would go out of their way to help and do anything in the world for you and your family, then people who worry about all the wrong things... what's important in life?? Family, family, family.  That is what I have come to realize.  What do you have without family and love and support? Nothing.
I am blessed.  I am surrounded by people who love me and love my baby boy and who would do anything to make us happy.  Who cares about money or about who does the most or who gives the most... what's important is that my little man gets the best care in the whole wide world.  So many people have come together to help our family... there have been people that we don't even know who have sent prayer cards, or sent cards with encouraging words, or bought diapers, or sent donations... it's unbelievable.  His disease sucks, I know... but on a positive note, I have never felt more loved or more blessed in my whole life.  And that's a good feeling.


  1. He is still the most beautiful butterball I've seen!!! And hey Tripp...the next time the pony comes to town..can you call us!!! Camryn sees that and says "HOW LUCKY" you are to get to see that IN A HOSPITAL!!! We are ALWAYS praying for all of you...and just love you sooo much!!! Courtney, you are the MOST AMAZING mother in the WORLD, and I just can't say ENOUGH about your amazing strength and perserverence each day!!!! I wish I could do more to help!!! LOVE YOU!!! Shelly, Les, Camryn, and Chloe!

  2. I am praying for Tripp and believing God for a miracle healing. I'm standing on God's word to a distraught parent in Luke 8:50. Jesus told them, "Don't be afraid;just believe and she (he) will be healed." God's word is true and He is faithful. Tell Tripp everyday that he is healed by the blood of Jesus, which was given on the cross. And receive it by faith! Love, Donna Giffin