Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tripp's first trip to the park!

Yesterday was great.  After we took pictures outside the day before, I realized that if I don't start getting up and moving around... I'm definitely going to lose my girlish figure.  So, yesterday I started my "walk at home" video.  I did the first little bit holding little fussy rotten man... and then realized that a 15 pound weight was too much on my first day, so I put him in his bouncy seat and he looked at me like I was nuts the whole time.  Then I decided that we were going to go outside... even if it was just for 5 minutes, and it was.  I feel so guilty having him inside all day, I feel like he has no clue what outside even is.  So yesterday I rigged up his bouncy seat on the couch and put him where he could see out of the window, too.  He needs a little vitamin D anyway he can get it.  Here's our first outing for 5 minutes...

This is him in front of the window, you think he's enjoying the sun??

He is now really discovering his hands and feet... so precious.

Here's where he got to see and hear the big loud garbage truck!! haha...

Then, Randy had to work late at the park and Nanny was coming to help me bathe... so we decided to brave it and take him strolling in the park.  It went really well until he threw up ALLLLL over the place, stroller, himself, blankets.... So that cut our little trip short, but it was nice while it lasted.  I guess I should know better than to feed him and then put him in the stroller and shake him up.  I didn't know the stroller was bumping him around that much!

Tripp and Mommy...


Tripp and Nanny....





Last night I just wanted to cry it was so cute...  I had his gloves off and he kept staring and staring crossed-eyed at his hands.  Then he actually PICKED his own hand up and grabbed his little giraffe.  I know it's not really a big deal, but for him it is.  He is so wrapped up all the time that I was worried he would never actually try and grab at something.  And his poor little raw fingernails...but he didn't act like it bothered him.  I was so proud.  Gosh he was such a good boy yesterday... was good outside, good at the park, good for his bath (well, the dressing part... the bath now burns him), then laid in his crib for the longest time awake and smiling and talking to me.    He is such a blessing... and such a little inspiration.  He is so strong to be able to fight this battle and still be just the best little baby.  I can't imagine how good he would be if he didn't have all those bo-bo's.
Every time I look at him it just makes me smile... I don't care if he had blisters covering his whole entire body and face... he would still be the most perfect baby.  I can't wait until he can hear and understand me because I want to tell him how very proud I am of him and how much he is loved by SOO many people.


If this fat, chunky smiling face doesn't make you smile, what will?? ha

I see my hands!!

Wait.. IS this my hand??


  1. He is an inspiration to all of us....and so are you. Love Aunt Sharon

  2. So glad you were able to go outside! It's amazing out good it will make you feel both physically and especially mentally :) And you're right - it's SO fun when babies discover that they have hands and feet... Saw a cute idea for those precious little feet of his .... ...Aunt Michele