Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas cards...

SO... I had a few great ideas for Christmas cards. You know, dressing my little man up and taking all kinds of cute pictures. Well, I've been trying to take the pictures now for about 3-4 weeks and it has yet to work out. I wanted to take a family picture outside. We even got him a cute little polo and some jeans (which he NEVER usually would wear.) But every time we plan to take pictures, it never works out. Either it's raining, it's Randy's late night and it's already dark, or Tripp just finished his 2 hour bath and dressing change and he is completely pooped out and I would get child services called on me if I tried to put him in long sleeves and jeans. SO, I think I decided that I am just going to do an "online" blog Christmas card, if that's okay with everyone. I'll just put a few pictures that I took of him and maybe if we get a chance to do our "family portrait" I can post that one, too. I just think it's too late for me to try and print a million cards. We have so much family and so many friends that I want to send them to, that I really don't know if I have time to get them out now... and I would be scared I would forget someone and then I would feel horrible. I am really sad about it though because it's Tripp's first Christmas and I really wanted to send out cards... if you know ME, i've wanted a little family and to be able to send out family Christmas cards for about 10 years now!! haha... BUT like everything else, I think it's best I do it this way. That way everyone who reads the blog will get a Christmas card!! I don't even have time to eat lunch during the day, so I doubt I'll get a chance to address all those cards!!

Anyway, Tripp had a REALLY good night last night. I only had to get up 2 times before 5 AM... that is AWESOME. I can totally live with that. After 5, he started with all his "morning yuckiness." But I really feel rested this morning. Hopefully my energy will last through the day and I can get something done today. Maybe I'll even cook dinner, haha. But lately, I've just been feeling so stiff. Everything on my body hurts, from my head to my feet. I just need to start SOME kind of exercise. It's really hard to find the time to do that when there is NO kind of schedule going on in this house!! I told my mom yesterday that I wanted to try and get out of the house and maybe drive to Ponchatoula (my hometown, where my parents live) but then I came to my senses. I really just don't think we're ready. As much as I want to, there is really no safe place for me to pull over if I would have to suction him. It's pretty much all interstate... and it's a BRIDGE interstate, so it's not safe for me to be pulling over and getting out. AND, not to mention the fact that things are kind of starting to get better and I don't THINK he has a cold right now (his nose has been a little more runny, so I hope he's not catching another one) so I don't want to take him out in the cold and around people and risk him getting anything. That would be kind of silly on my part. SO we will just stay home, no biggie. I was thinking last night in the shower... you know, some people don't even have hot water to take a shower. Thank God that I have hot water to be able to enjoy my shower. And thank God we even have a house to have to sit in all day! Not everyone has that you know. I'm just really starting to realize that I have a WHOLE lot to be thankful for. And I know if Tripp could talk he would probably be like, yeah mom, what do I have to be thankful for with all these sores??? But it's true. I'm thankful I HAVE him. Blisters and ALL!! I wouldn't trade him for anything else in the world. I think you guys know that by now!! Ha.

Tripp's dental surgery is still scheduled for December 31st. We will probably be going to see the dentist next week.. and the ENT (gotta fit them all in one day!) So we will find out if everything is still a go, which I'm sure it is because his mouth has only changed for the worse. The only thing that makes me nervous is if the teeth come out and he is still getting sores. But we will just have to see. I know the sores right now are definitely 100% from his teeth. So hopefully it will help something. If not, we will just deal with it like always!!

Nana came over to help on Wednesday. It's always nice to have the extra help and the adult company most of all!! Maybe I should give you a family tree for all of you who don't really know, it may be confusing!! We have a big ole' family!!

Grammy- my mom
Papa- my dad
Nanny- my sister (Tripp's godmother)
Uncle Jason- my brother
MeMe- Randy's mom
Paw Paw Carey- Randy's step-dad
Uncle Ryan- Randy's brother
Paw Paw Moose- Randy's dad
Nana- Randy's step-mom
Aunt Becca- Randy's sister
Aunt Nay Nay- Randy's sister

Okay, so that's just so you can have an idea of who I'm talking about when I use the names Tripp uses!! I know, we've got a LOT of LOVE!! Isn't it great?? And that's just immediate family. You should see the rest!!! We are SOME lucky!! Family and friends... WOW, we are really blessed. There is not a day that goes by that I don't wonder why God sent Tripp to Randy and I. And I always tell myself that it's because we have the physical and moral support that to get through this and to take care of this baby. Thank all of YOU for the moral support!!


Sitting up like a big boy!

Okay, don't call child services,... he really did like it, though it may not look like it.
Every child needs to play in a box, don't you think?
This is the box all of his supplies come in.... I get two boxes this size a month!!

My Tiny Elf...

"Living a life of faith means never knowing where you are being led - but it does mean loving and knowing the One who is leading. It is literally a life of FAITH, not of understanding and reason- a life of knowing Him who calls us to go."
-Oswald Chambers


  1. I was hoping I'd see a post from you today!!! I like the little elf picture! I'm so glad I get this Christmas Card! You are so loved Courtney! And of course so are Tripp and Randy. I pray for you all. Merry Christmas Time!

  2. HOW CUTE!!! that "tiny elf" had is adorable!!!

    Don't feel bad about the Christmas Cards - I don't have any excuses and I can't seem to get any out either! I can't even remember the last time I sent them out - I just did a Christmas Card status update on Facebook - at least you did a whole blog post!

    hope all his appointments go well!

  3. Tripp is such a precious little boy. I love all of his photos!

  4. The box pictures are too cute! They made me laugh :).

  5. I love the first pic of him smiling big! And the sneak peak of your tree in the looks so pretty!

    I wouldn't sweat not sending out cards either ;)

  6. I have sent out cards as late as Martin Luther King day,,,Holiday cards anyway!! Through the years I have streamlined my card giving in order to make it easier for me to do them. I used a template for address stickers and typed all the addresses on them, then saved that file. It is real easy now to update addresses. We type a letter and do a picture card that we can order online from Walmart or any of those type places. So now we just fold the letter, stuff it and the picture in the envelope, slap the address label on and off it goes.

    Tripp is adorable, I love the first Tiny Elf photo. It would make a cute card.

    Keeping you in our prayers.

  7. Precious pictures! I love them all!