Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy 7 Months Tripp

Dear Tripp,

Today you are 7 months old my little man.  And honestly, it feels like you should be about 4 years old by now!!  These past 7 months have been a real fight for you, but my man you sure have fought like a little soldier.  You have been an example for so many people out there.... even all over the country!!  There are so many people who admire you and your strength... and you are just a little boy!!  Imagine the things that God has planned for you.  If you have tackled all of these obstacles so far, just think of all that God will have to give to you in exchange.  I know you don't know it yet, but God has GREAT plans for you.  He is a loving and healing God and He would not let you go through all of this pain without a HUGE reward, I just know it.

I cannot even begin to tell you how proud I am of you.  Every time I look into your eyes, I just want to cry.  I wish more than anything that I could take all of this away from you, but I know that I would not be strong enough to handle it all... that is why God picked you.  You are the strongest person I know and you are only 7 months old.  You can make it through anything.  You have taken this disease and have fought 110% the whole way through.  From having blisters, to cutting 10 teeth, to having a G-tube, to not being able to breathe, to having a trach and still having a hard time breathing with all the secretions, and now having to have all your teeth pulled out!..... I could go on forever.  I love you, Tripp.  And I know I tell you that 100 billion times a day, but that's still not enough.  Please know that I love you and that I would give anything in the world... ANYTHING.... so that you could have a normal life, pain-free life.  You are everything to me and I totally forgot what my life was like without you in it... and I don't want to remember, because YOU are the reason that I wake up every morning.  YOU are my reason for everything now.  YOU are my life.  Please don't ever forget how much I LOVE YOU.  Keep fighting, my man.

Love, Mommy


  1. Happy Happy Birthday little man!

    BTW - I love your little cake!

  2. Keep being strong little man! You are an inspiration. Happy 7 months to you :).

  3. Happy Birthday little are an inspiration to all. I love you. Aunt Sharon

  4. I just loved his little scrunchy smile!! What personality!

  5. Oh my! You make my eyes fill with tears! Tripp is such an inspiration and you amaze me! Praying for you all!!!! I LOVE the pictures-he just can't get any cuter!

  6. Happy 7 month birthday lil''re such an inspiration!

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