Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tripp's "#1" Fundraiser

So one of my super-great blog readers, Debby, sent me an e-mail about doing a fundraiser for Tripp.  She is an Independent Consultant for a company called "Thirty-One Gifts" (  The company is based on Proverbs 31 - the virtuous woman.  They sell many products that aid women in their many roles...wives, mothers, and the workforce.  She offered to donate 15% of her proceeds from January 1st - January 11th (hints the name- "Tripp's #1 Fundraiser because of the ones- 1/1/11-1/11/11).  I thought it was such a cute name and cute idea.  

So, I wanted to give you all a head's up in case you want to participate.  I feel guilty even putting this on my blog, first of all after Christmas, and second of all- after everyone has done so much for us already.  But just in case you are "online shopping" anyway or need a cute birthday present for someone or just want to shop for something cute for yourself- you can check out this website  The actual "fundraiser" doesn't start until the 1st.  But you can shop around before then if you want.  Debby will have a link on the website that you can click to make sure that 15% goes to Tripp.  

The directions for the fundraiser are below- it may seem like a lot, but it's not that bad.  And all the items are SUPER cute!  I'm so appreciative that so many people want to help us.  I'm somewhat at a loss for words, really.  I can't get over the amount of support that I've gotten from our local community and from people across the country.  I am SO super excited about all the awareness that's being spread about EB!  

I met the priest from St. Joseph Parish in Paulina, LA today- Fr. Mark.  He came to the house to meet Tripp and I.  He is such a nice man.  He told me something about Tripp that I will never forget.  He told me that he once read somewhere that people who are given such crosses to bear as this one (EB), have such great big souls.  He said that people like Tripp come into the world KNOWING what kind of cross they are going to bear- and knowing, already, the pain they will have to endure.  Just as Jesus came into the world already knowing the pain that He would have to endure for our sins.  

I'm not trying to compare Tripp to Jesus.  I just can't help but think, though, that he is carrying this "EB" cross for us.  Just think how many lives he's touched by all the pain and suffering that he has to endure.  Jesus was sent to Earth in human form by God, to suffer and die to save our sins and open the gates to eternal life.  And like Jesus, I don't think Tripp is going to leave this world until he has finished the mission that he was given.  I don't know what that mission is, and I don't know if I will ever know.  But I learn something new about my Catholic religion and my faith each and every day.  And it always seems that each time I learn something new, I can connect it to our situation.  I know that it's God's doing and I know that He gave Tripp to me so that my faith would be restored and so that my eyes can be opened and I can spread his Word.  And that's what I plan on doing.  Spreading His Word, and trying with everything I have left in me to live my life like He did- for others.  

I have been so blessed through this horrible situation and I can't wait for the day that I can give back.  I don't exactly know how I will give back, but I plan on giving a little back each and every day, little by little.  

Here are the directions for "Tripp's #1 Fundraiser" that Debby gave me to post:
Starting on January 1st:

1.  Click on this link to go to the Consultant's website:

2.  The easiest way to see all the items is to click on View Our Catalog link at the top of the screen.

You may choose to look at either catalog.  The Fall catalog is the main catalog, the Gift Guide is a small additional catalog with different items.  You may order items out of both catalogs on the same order.

3.   Keep a running list of the items and item numbers you are interested in purchasing.  Pages 37-41 of our Fall Catalog (and pages 14-15 of the Gift Guide) contain pictures of each item and shows them in all available patterns.

4.   When you're ready to order, go back to the Consultant's website by clicking here:

5.  Click on My Events (under Debby's name and phone number). 

6.  Click on Shop Now.

8.  Type in the Item Number or Description of the item you wish to purchase and click on the magnifying glass to search.  When the item comes up, click on it to see details of the item and to choose the fabric and personalization (if desired).

9.  When you click on Checkout, you will be taken to this screen.  Fill out all of your shipping information.  PLEASE NOTE:  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT CHECK THE BOX FOR SHIP TO HOST.  IF there is an X in that box, click on it so that it disappears.  Otherwise, your products will go to Debby (in Illinois) and you will be responsible for paying her to ship your items to you!

10.  Click on Save and Continue.

11.  Double check your order and shipping information, then click on Pay for Order.  You will be taken to the Payment Screen.

12.  On the left side of the screen, click on Credit Card Payment This will take you to the Payment screen.  As you fill out your Credit Card Information, note that on the left side of the screen, it shows your outstanding balance.  Type this number on the right side of the screen next to Amount.  When you're done, click on Save Payment. 

13.  Your final step is to click on Submit Order.  Your order is not sent to Debby until you click that button!

Tripp's event will end on 1/11/11.  Orders typically leave the warehouse 1-2 weeks after events close, as long as items are in stock.

There is contact information for Debby on her website home page if you have any questions, I'm sure she'll be happy to walk you through this.  She has been so nice to want to do this for us.  Thank you again, Debby.  I'm so excited to spread more awareness about Tripp and EB!  



  1. Oh Courtney so good to read this. I am telling you girl, when life situations get hard, REAL hard you see SO many things. Things other people living the simple life will never see; True colors. People come out of the literal and virtual woodwork to show you their amazing, giving, sincere hearts and souls. They give and give, often to complete strangers. These strangers become part of your village, your foundation, your support, family, and inspiration.

    And sadly, sometimes true colors show the opposite effect. You realize people you thought you could lean on are not who you (or they) thought they were. They crumble and fail you. People you thought of as your "rocks" were a mirage, and crumble like sand under the pressure. When it is loved ones in this situation it is the most heart breaking. I don't know if this has happened to you (like it did me) but if it has, I know you can forgive.

    I am so happy so many have come to your aid and to rally for you and for Tripp! RALLY, RALLY, RALLY!!!!

    Oddly, you may not feel like it but YOU are rock for so many of us. An inspiration and a light in a sometimes dark world. You needn't think of something big to do to give back, you are doing it. You often say you carry on and seek out your faith now because there is no choice but there is always a choice. Look at Anton, his "parents" made a choice. Sadly there are so many others like that running from doing the right thing. But you are finding the right way, not the easy way, and I, WE, admire you so much for it. I am a strong, good woman and mother but I know if we changed lives for even one day I would crumble. I fear I would raise my hands to God in rage rather than praise and that is one of the many reasons I feel so inspired by you and your story. I hope God reward you all for this in this life and the next!

    I read the SAME thing about people with special or difficult situations choosing them. It was something like "people who come into the world with illness or disabilities are such strong spirits and inspiration because they are highly evolved souls. An easy life does not teach anything." Tripp was also careful to choose a momma with a heart and soul big enough to carry him through what he is going through! I am so hopeful for the New Year for you guys, for research, healing, happiness, and peace.

  2. I'm not Catholic, I am LDS (Mormon) and we have the exact same belief. We all know the trials we will face on earth before we arrive - and we are willing to come here, get a body, endure (gracefully, we hope) and return to our Heavenly Father. Tripp is the definition of grace, and so are you!

  3. "Nothing is stronger than strength of spirit. The body may falter. But, inside, unchanging, a spirit brilliant with strength and resilience shines on. And on. And on."

  4. Hi Courtney!

    First off, don't feel guilty about sharing Debbie's generous offering with us blog followers! EB doesn't take a break because it is January or because people have reached out and lent support in the past. God doesn't take a break either, and it's up to us to get our tiny concepts of HIS generosity OUT OF THE WAY so that HE can shower us with that which pleases HIM and makes Him happy... Imagine Tripp not letting you shower your love upon him, because it's almost January or because of how much you already have... as if THAT might ever run out...

    Second, I have had the thought more than once about the parallels between Bella's life and Jesus', and I, too, have not wanted to even make that comparison for feeling sheepish... but it's true. An innocent child changing the world before saying a word. An innocent child sacrificing a typical existence for one full of pain and suffering, and ultimately death to deliver a message of hope. A child, who, through the writings of her apostle Timothy (crazy, right?), has increased faith, love, and hope in the world. You and Tripp fulfill those exact same roles. No, the four of us are not the same as Jesus and His apostles, but we are up to the task of doing God's will, no matter what He asks of us, no matter how badly we'd like the cup to pass us by, no matter how much we endure, and we are willing to tell the good news, that there is love, beauty, blessings, and God's kingdom RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW even in the face of our circumstances. The Kingdom of God IS at hand. In gifts like Debbie's, in blogs like yours and mine, in the innumerable gifts that have been bestowed upon our families, in the gift baskets you bestowed upon my family in spite of all you have on your plate. Behold, the Kingdom of God IS at hand. REJOICE!


  5. What a wonderful priest to come and meet you and Tripp at the house! Love his words of wisdom, too. I left a comment under your last post about redemptive suffering. Sounds similar to the priest's ideas. I also like how difficult situations in life can lead to growth in faith. Keep loving Tripp for us all! Off to check out the fundraiser...

  6. This is great...because I feel like I want to do something (anything) for you and Tripp. I am going to get an order together for my Mom and I tomorrow! We love Tripp and his family!!

  7. I respect your beliefs, of course. I do not,however,believe that a loving God gives us painful 'crosses' to bear. All diseases are the result of human imperfection. I do believe that God gives us the faith and strength to endure such trials and he will fulfill his promises in the Bible to restore man to perfection on the basis of his Son's sacrifice. Your unconditional love for Tripp and the sacrifices you make on his behalf are truly inspiring.

  8. Thank you Fr. Mark, what a beautiful way to put this in perspective.


  9. Hey Courtney,
    Thanks so mcuh for the email this week! You're so sweet.
    I just wanted to let you know that I agree with you entirely. It is a hard thing to put out there but so true! Because there are people who have EB or any other disease or horrible situation, that help us to act more Christ-like towards our fellow man and show compassion. Tripp has changed my life and so many others. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. It's so nice to go through such a life with people like you. Love you, Jennifer

  10. Courtney - the orders are starting to come in! Yea Tripp!

  11. I saw this story awhile ago and was amazed at the patience etc you have had throughout. I have 4 kids of my own and can't imagine the loss. I think I would like to do something for you and your family... I am thinking maybe send you guys on vacation after the funeral, is there something you would like to do somewhere you want to go to get your to just take a break from life?