Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trot for Tripp Thanks

Sorry this is so late!! I've been fighting with my computer for 2 days.  It's saying my hard drive is full and that I can't upload anymore pictures.  I only have 20,000 on here:) Ugh. Anyway, I promise to keep working on posting the pictures from this past weekend! 

Tripp's fundraiser was amazing.  It was a huge success.  I want to say thank you again to everyone who came out to show us support.  It was overwhelming to see that many people from the community all gather together for Tripp.  There were over 500 people who registered to run or walk for Tripp.  Can you believe that??  And we had over 65 sponsors for the Trot.  That's amazing.  A BIG thank you to all of the companies and individuals who sponsored this amazing event.  

But my biggest Thank You goes to my sweet friend Dianne Cothern.  Without her, none of this would have happened.  She rallied the community together and she spread more awareness about Tripp and EB in 5 weeks than we could in do in 18 months.  Because of her, we have a tremendous amount of money in our fund for Tripp, and I can sleep a little better at night knowing that if we could maybe do this once a year, it would be enough to carry us through Tripp's finances.  Thank you seems kind of lame for all you've done for our family, Dianne.  So I just want you to know that we are forever grateful to you and Johnny for putting your lives on hold to do something so amazing for our family.  Not only did Dianne put together this whole event, she went to the radio station twice to promote it, she got in touch with the local news station about doing a story on Tripp and the race, and spent these 5 weeks doing a lot of thoughtful things that people don't know about.  We love you, Dianne.

So not only did Tripp get all of these people gathered in one place for him, but he also got a REALLY cool gift.  Dianne somehow got in touch with Garrett Hartley, the kicker for our New Orleans Saints.  She gave him the blog address and asked for a football for Tripp.  She said the ball came to her within a week with all the player's autographs.  I thought that was the coolest gift he could have received and we will cherish it always:)  He thought it was pretty cool, too!

Tripp didn't make the fundraiser.  I know there were a lot of people who were disappointed and wanted to meet him, but I know you understand.  The constant steroids that he is on make his immune system so low, and with all of his open sores... I just can't risk him getting an infection.  There's always risk, even at home, but taking him out makes it a bigger risk.  Not to mention the fact that he can't open his eyes outside unless it's dark, or the fact that he might FREAK out if he couldn't find his rocking chair when it was time to rock rock.  I could go on and on.  But I really wanted him to be able to see all the wonderful people who came out to support him- even though he wouldn't understand.  I know one day he will know how many people are reaching out to us.  And he will be as touched as I am.  

So please be patient with me on the pictures... I'm working on putting all of my pictures on an external hard drive and saving them to discs.  But I will have a lot of trouble deleting pictures from the computer no matter what:(  I'll have the Trot for Tripp pics up as a page link on my sidebar soon!  

But I will give you a few pictures as a preview:)
All the runners lining up. 

Me and Dianne.  

Tripp with his new football!



  1. Awesome!!! Courtney if I can help with a link/button for the sidebar just email me and let me know! ~Jenifer

  2. SO good to hear about this! SOOOOOOO happy! I know this event will get bigger and bigger every year! Can't WAIT to see more pix but I completely understand your computer problem. I can't delete either so we are having the SAME issues! It's mostly videos that suck the memory!

    Dianne, BIG thanks to you and huge kiss on the cheek: MMMUah!

  3. That was awesome! so happy to hear it was a great turn out. Tripp deserves so much and more. You are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends may god bless them for all they did for your family.

  4. wow what an amazing day, I m so happy that your community has wrapped there hearts and arms around you guys like this!

  5. How wonderful! I'm glad there was such an awesome turn out!

  6. I know it blesses your heart to see so many have such love for your little Tripp. I wish I could have trotted from Lake Charles to be part of all the excitement but my 3 boys keep me on my toes here. Thanks for the update, glad it turned out so well. Hope Tripp is doing well, hope you are too.

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  7. Wow- so glad it was such a success!! Wish we could have been there. Hope you, Randy and sweet Tripp have a WONDERFUL Christmas! We love you and continue to pray!

    Love from TX,

  8. I've never commented before but, just wanted to say, don't delete any of your photos. Get an external hard drive specifically for photos and transfer them there.

  9. Tripp is beyond adorable and handsome. He truly lights up the world with his sweet little face. You are amazing Courtney and Tripp too. I can't put into words how much I love you two.