Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dragon Mom

I've been getting several messages about an article in The New York Times titled "Notes from a Dragon Mom," so I had to share. I could not have said it better myself. Our situations are different but oh, so similar. I wish I could hug this Dragon mom and thank her for giving us moms a voice.

Please read her story HERE.



  1. Courtney, I love it!! It is so true. Parents with healthy children focus so much on what will press them ahead of the learning curve, when, at the end of the day, sick or not, all they need is love (I admit to being one of those wanting the best of the best, not that anything is wrong with that). God bless you and may He continue to send you peace and joy from your little one. Thank you for changing lives!!

  2. Hi Courtney,
    What a lovely story from Dragon mom.

    We cannot answer the why's. We just need to trust that God does know best and He does. His ways are perfect and He values life to the point of giving up His Son for us.

    Tripp has a purpose and a reason for living. I am so very, very thankful that God gave Tripp to you. What a very special person you are for God to trust you with His precious creation, Tripp.

    Praying for you guys so often, hoping there is a cure but if not, praying for relief and for Tripp to touch many, many lives and hoping many come to salvation.

    Keep loving and caring and fighting for Tripp and we, the prayer warriors, will continue to pray and cover you in the Blood of Jesus Christ.


  3. Courtney,
    You and Tripp have taught each of us to never take one second for granted! I think that may be one of the blessings in disguise that comes from having a sick child. You have taken the time you have with him and shared it with the world, and that has in turn blessed sooo many!! You are truly an inspiration and Tripp is forever my HERO!! Praying as always!

  4. "NOBODY asks dragon parents for advice; we’re too scary." Ha ha!

  5. So beautifully said...thanks for sharing this story with us. Much love and prayers for you guys!

  6. Parenting, I’ve come to understand, is about loving my child today. Now. In fact, for any parent, anywhere, that’s all there is.

    I love this sentence. As usual, thanks, dear Courtney, for bringing me down to Earth, back to the little things that really matter!


  7. Love this!! I just talked to the mother of a friend of mine today, and she now follows Tripps story because I'm always sharing your blog on my facebook! She loves your little guy too, and you, and truly believe you guys have shown true Christianity to people, led them to Jesus! I just wanted to share that with you, because I know your days can be tough, but you have lots of praying going on for you and Tripp!!

  8. Beautiful! I want to live by the quote at the end. In truth, none of us know if we have tomorrow with our children.

  9. Thanks Courtney... After reading a little bit and learning about Ronan and his family I will pray hard that Jesus will be shown to their family. We should all pray for Emily, Rick and sweet baby Ronan- that Jesus is somehow glorified through this illness.

  10. I love that so much! Thanks for sharing!! Hope Tripp is having a good day today!

  11. In case anyone is interested...
    the author of "Dragon Mom", Emily Rapp, has a blog she writes with updates on her son, Ronan.

    Here is her blog:

  12. Amazing article & so true for many of us"Dragon Moms"
    My son has cancer, the disease is irrelevant, the outcome binds us together


  13. I am a dragon mom. Just recently found your blog and spent some time reading. I walk a similar, but very different path.

    Sending you much peace and love. Nena

  14. What a great article, Courtney. Once again, you have taught me a lesson. Thinking about your child's future is a great idea, but you have to spend time just enjoying the present moment.

    Enjoy today with Tripp :-) I know I will now enjoy my night with my son a lot more.

  15. Thank you for sharing this article. You and other moms like you whose stories I've read in the blog world have really changed my perspective on so many things. And it's making me a better mom.

    You're making a difference, you and Tripp. A huge difference.

  16. I read the article, sighed, cried, and marvelled at how much I can relate. My story is different in many, many ways, but the ache in my heart as I watch my child struggle is the same. Some day, God willing, I will share the story, but not now. It is already written, but I must bear it with the Lord alone until He says the time is right...if it ever is. I want to share it some day for the sake of many others who have walked, are walking, and will walk this path. I want to be an encouragement to them, as you are to so many! We think of and pray for you often! Thank you for sharing this beautiful article!

  17. "I am a reflection of him and not the other way around" -So true! love this!