Friday, October 14, 2011

My Birthday Poem.

This is a poem that one of my Kindergarden teachers, Mrs. Elaine Landry, wrote for me on my birthday. 
Thank you so much, Mrs. Landry.  I will treasure it forever.  

My Dear Mommy, 

On May 14, 2009, you gave birth to a baby boy
You named me Tripp, your little bundle of joy.
I thank God for choosing, "you" to be my mother
I would not have wanted, not any one other. 
When you brought me home, that long awaited day
We had no idea, what was headed our way. 
You took me to doctors, both far and near
They said I had EB, and would not live a year. 
You proved them wrong, with your faith from above
I am still here, because of your "love." 
You are doing all you can, and so much more
To take care of me, and all my body sores. 
You stay awake both day and night
Just to make sure, your "Bubba" is alright. 
What other kid, has a McDonald's playground at home
Or a New Orleans Saints football, from the Superdome?
I want to tell, all my family and friends everywhere
I love them so much, and thanks for their prayers.
Thanks to my doctors, nurses and all who help you and I
I wish I could see each one in person, just to say hi. 
If in your sweet dreams, you hear music or drums
Then surly you know, who it's coming from. 
It may be an Elmo tune, or the LSU fight song
You know how I love, when you sing along. 
I love you Mommy, with my arms spread apart
If only I could show you, the love inside my heart. 
You know how kids, always wish for a toy
My wish is to have longer, just to be your Angel boy. 
You are right to say, that this was God's plan
So please keep rocking me, as long as you can. 
Thank my sweet Grammy, for always being there
Her devotion is like yours, is so very rare. 
Happy Birthday Mommy, you are so dear to me
I am lucky to have, the greatest Mommy, you see.
You want to know, if God is speaking to me
In your faith filled heart, you know He has to be. 
So Mommy be happy today, and say your favorite prayer 
For God said to tell you, you will get your "Pinky Swear." 

Love, Your Bubba



  1. What a treasured gift and your kindergarden teacher is beautiful with words!

  2. That's beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.

  3. What a beautiful poem! I believe Tripp would say this and so much more.

    Praying for you often,

  4. Bless her heart... such a great poem...

    for a wonderful person...

    Keep your spirit up... we pray for you...

    Lots of love from Germany


  5. Absolutely beautiful. What a tribute to you!

  6. This is ohh soo beautiful! I am sure that's definitely what Tripp would tell you with words if he could. But I know he tells you in his own way :) ...

    Huuuuuuuugs!! :)

  7. What a beautiful poem girl. I cry in every single post you post. I wish I was just 1/2 as strong as you are.

  8. What a Special and Beautiful Gift! God brought you and your Baby together for so many reasons. What a Great Mother you are and what a Special little Man your Tripp is.

  9. Courtney, this is so special! What an amazing gift! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    Best wishes for a happy and blessed new year! Happy Birthday! :)

  10. Priceless gift! What a beautiful thing for her to do for such a wonderful person, you!

  11. I know it is 2 years later, but I still find myself returning to this blog day after day. I may go months at a time without reading it, but I eventually find my way back. I always start at the beginning, smiling at his pictures, and I'm always crying like a child the more I get towards the end. This is one of my favorite posts. Everytime I read that last line of the poem, I break down into tears. This blog always brings me back where I need to be: On my knees and my arms lifted to Heaven. See, Courtney, your Bubbah is still touching lives and hearts and bringing people back to God. You should continue to be proud of your little "ham", because he is still doing the work that God had him start. Even from above. God Bless you Courtney.