Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rotten Boy

It is official:
I cannot feed my son through his feeding tube without playing the "Big Green Tractor" song. It is unbelievable. He can be screaming bloody murder and I play the song on my phone or my computer, and he immediately starts cooing. It's like he's singing. SOO adorable... and not to mention a Life Saver! Thank you Jason Aldean! WATCH:

This child is so rotten that it's almost not funny. This morning he was so fussy and I rocked him for a good 20 minutes... I mean, he was passed OUT. So I laid him in his swing and his eyes popped wide open and he started screaming. I gave him about 5 min to see if he would calm down and go back to sleep before I picked him up. I held him and laid on the couch with him face to face, humming a little bit and he was back asleep within 5 seconds. Rotten. But I'm okay with that... what else do I have to do than snuggle my little man? I guess that's why he's rotten to begin with. Oh, and I'm pretty sure he has like a sixth sense or something because every night when he's in his crib, he will start fussing. I wait a little while if I know it's not time for him to eat to see if he falls back asleep. Then as soon as I get up and stand over his crib- he stops. I stand there for a while to see if he will start back. THEN... I go get back in bed, put the pillow back between my knees, lay my head down, and.... he starts again. I did that at least 8 times last night... no lie. I think he would like it if I just stood over him all night. I mean, I would do anything for him... but I think that's impossible.

Nanny stayed the night last night. We had fun. I miss the good ole' days when we lived together and just laid around and goofed off all day, so I enjoy when she comes to play! Grammy and Papa came over too. Papa wanted to go eat dinner...and take a wild guess where we went? Olive Garden! UMM... Randy had a bachelor party for his friend in Grand Isle, so he missed out on dinner. Needless to say, he's not feeling well today. So our Sunday consists of this...

Cute huh?? Like father, like son... and BOY is that right. It's almost scary. At least it gives me some time to write.

We booked our flights to Cincinnati. We are leaving Wednesday, October 14th and coming back Friday the 16th. It's going to be a REALLY busy week. The golf tournament is the 12th, my birthday is the 13th, we leave the 14th (Tripp's 5 month birthday!), and come back the 16th. Not to mention while we are there on the 15th... this is our itinerary for the day:
9:00 appt with ENT
10:15 appt with Ophthalmology
1:00 appt with Dentistry
2:00 EB Center meeting... which they said will last AT LEAST 4-5 hours.
(at least they gave us a chance to eat lunch.. ha)
SO, we will have a pretty full day. Poor man will be exhausted!! Thank GOD we got non-stop flights there and back. Last time was a pain having to keep going up and down with all the stops. So please say a prayer that we have a safe trip and get at least a little bit of good news.

I know this is sad, but you know what the highlight of my morning was... I got to hold Tripp belly to belly with his head on my shoulder. I don't usually do that because of his tube, but I bent his little knees so it wouldn't touch me... and I snuggled him tight. It felt good... like normal. His tube site is looking pretty good. It is actually closing in and "somewhat" healing around it. Still really red and raw, but looks better than it did. So maybe once it heals some more poor man can get some tummy time! That will be something I'll have to ask in Cincinnati. I guess I should start making a list of questions to ask... I'm not good about doing that.. then I'll get there and forget everything I wanted to ask. Oh well...
Here's some recent pictures...

THIS is why he has bo-bo's on his face... because he is constantly rubbing and there's no stopping him without a straight jacket!

"Mom, really? That's enough..."


  1. What a sweet handsome little man!!! The video of him listening to BIG GREEN TRACTOR is just priceless!! I'm praying for Tripp!!!