Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our First Family Outing

Today was our first family outing... just Randy, Tripp and I.  We went to the driving range!  It was actually windy and somewhat cool.  I actually needed a little light jacket.  The only way Randy could convince me to go was by telling me he promised we would leave if I thought it was too hot for Tripp.  But actually it felt really good.  I took his little socks off and his feet were kind of cold.  So it was really fun.  We only stayed for a little bit, so daddy could hit some balls.. but Tripp thoroughly enjoyed it.  He sat on my lap and watched everything that was going on.  It was so loud out there and it didn't bother him at all. 

Daddy said he wants to have our little outing like twice a week.  That would be good, because it will be getting cooler soon... it will probably be enjoyable to get out when the weather gets nice.  Tripp didn't know what to think about being outside.  And me, I felt disgusting because I haven't actually been outside for over 30 minutes in a really long time... so I felt like I smelled like a puppy dog.  But, it was long overdue and really kinda nice that just the 3 of us could get out together.   See that picture below, that's daddy in the back... I'm quite the photographer, I know!! 

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  1. What a beautiful baby boy. Tripp is so fortunate to have parents who love and care for him so much.