Monday, September 21, 2009

Summing up the past week...

It's been a crazy one... Let's see, maybe we went a little overboard for Tripp's "4 month birthday," but when the doctor in Cincinnati told us we would be lucky if he made it to his first birthday... we then decided every single birthday would be special.  And it will be.  He liked it.. and of course I liked the fact that my aunt Mary made him a cake that I ate pretty much ALL of.  

Football... Ahhh.  So glad Tripp likes it too.   

Ready to get wrecked by a rookie? ha

Here's some with his toys, and of course with Baloo... those are my favorites!

This one was adorable... He was staring at it like, "What's your problem, horse?"

And these, haha!  Iwanted him to try and hold his head up to help heal the sores on the back.  Needless to say, he  didn't do it for very long!

Sitting up on the couch like a big boy!!

These are pictures with Daddy... Mommy doesn't get many pictures because she's always taking them.  I know, welcome to motherhood.  It's not about me anymore... ha

So, we had a great weekend... little man was pretty fussy, but as I always say... I don't know how he isn't fussy all day every day- I would be if I was him.


  1. Hahaha! I haven't seen the one of him looking at the horse..Priceless!! I just want to squeeze him, he is definitely the cutest baby EVER!! Love You!

  2. I love the ones with his daddy....Daddy's boy??