Monday, March 1, 2010

The important things in life...

Tripp is still hanging in there.  What a trooper.  If it weren't for this stupid trach, we would be smooth sailing... I don't know what it is.  It's either just drying up with 3 humidifiers running in the house, or the sores are coming back underneath the trach, or it's just a film that's building up fast inside the trach causing him to have trouble breathing.  Lately, he's been doing the same kind of breathing (that pulling from his chest) that he was doing before the trach.  It's like no matter how much I suction, you can still hear it in there.  And that is making it really hard for me to leave him for any amount of time.  It's hard for anyone else to want to keep him.  It's scary for me and I do it 24/7.  I can't imagine how everyone else feels.  I mean how much longer can he go breathing like this, I don't know.  But I will tell you that he amazes me more and more each day.  He certainly gets his strength from up above.  Pretty much the only time he's not smiling is when he's in pain or can't breathe.  Other than that, he's like a little butter ball of happiness.  And we are enjoying every single second of it. 

CHEESE!!  Can you see his little yellow teeth?  And his bo-bos.  
This is his mouth at it's BEST. 
And he can still smile this BIG! 

Daddy and Monkey Butt...

Mommy and Monkey Butt...
(in my robe, I know... sorry but that's my wardrobe.)

Monkey Butt Tripp... 

I just cannot believe that it has been 9 1/2 months since he was born!  Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday and then other times it feels like it's been 9 1/2 years!!  But I know one thing... I would NOT trade him for anything in the whole wide world.  He has changed my life ONLY for the better and has taught me patience, selflessness, and most of all real love.  I mean if you really think about it... how many people worry about all the wrong things in life... people worry about how much money they have, or they're always in a hurry, or they worry about who said what and who did what.  You know what, who really cares??  What happened to worrying about actually spending time with your family and cherishing every moment you have with the people you love (like sitting down for dinner.)  Or what about doing something nice for someone without wanting recognition, because it really doesn't even mean anything when you do something nice so that YOU can get credit. You're supposed to do nice things because you want to help someone else.  I mean, really think about it.  We only have ONE life.  That's it- ONE life.  Why would you want to spend your one life worrying about things that don't really matter?  It's like people get so caught up in everything else that they forget the real reason we are here... to serve God and to love each other as God loves us.  That's what is going to get us to the next life... not money, not material things, not ugliness.  We just seem to ignore that fact.   You don't even know if you're going to be here tomorrow... or if the people you love will be here tomorrow.  So why waste the time you have?  I mean, say you're here for 80 years... it seems like a long time, but just look at how fast it goes by??  I feel like I was just in high school yesterday, now I'm married and my son is almost a year old!! It's crazy!!  Sorry I don't know where that sermon came from... I just think about that a lot.  Having a sick child really makes you think about those kinds of things. 

To change the subject... Tripp had his friend over this weekend.  Randy's friend David and his wife, Leanne came over with their little boy, David (he's the III, too like Tripp.)  He is just adorable and it was so cute to watch Tripp react to another baby.  He doesn't see or play with other babies very much (well, at all.)  And it was nice that Randy and I got to hang out with another couple.  Something else that was long overdue and much needed.  He are some pics from their visit. 

The boys...

Baby swap... 

And look how much they've grown since then---


  1. Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Luke 12:25

    Sweet pictures, sweet family! Sweet life? I think so! You are such a great lady! Keep on keepin' on =)

  2. Oh, thanks for sharing your precious little one with us! I am praying that he finds comfort in this situation soon!

    You are an amazing young mother and I pray blessings on Tripp in abundance.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog!! your boy is just precious! I love his chubby little face!! I can't imagine what your life is like on a daily basis, but every moment you spend with him is such a blessing. Praying!

  4. Oh, Tripp is so beautiful! I love his precious little smile and his little yellow teeth!! :O) Your son is absolutely amazing and it lifts my spirits just to look at that jubilant little face.


  5. First of all he is so cute!!!!!!I love all his pics and his mickey mouse shirt . I have a few for Aydin (I love mickey mouse). You are so right about everything. Since I have learned about EB, I have defiantly learned to look at life differently and appreciate thing maybe I didn't before. My family, my baby, my husband, breathing, having food on my table every day, a bed to sleep on. I mean everything. You and all EB babies and parent are my heroes!!! Will continue to pray for you and your family and all EB babies!!!Love, Blanca Columbus Ohio.

  6. Love the pictures. Tripp is looking so adorable. What a smile!!!! Hang in there, you are doing an incredible job and I know you are cherishing every minute. Love you guys. Take care and give Tripp a kiss for me. Love Leah's Nana

  7. Tripp is such a doll-baby! I love him!

    I chose your blog for an award...stop by and pick it up! :-)