Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Need your advice...

Ok,  I've been trying to think of some ways that I could post more often... NOT that I have too much time on my hands or anything.  But even when I do have a chance to sit down and write, it's hard to find a lot to say since our days usually consist of just about the same stuff... "Tripp's not breathing good... but he's smiling like a champ!"  So I was thinking of maybe having like some "weekly posts"  you know, like
"Whiny Wednesdays" where I can vent about things... or  "Factual Fridays" where I can give a new important fact about EB each week so you can learn something about it that you might not know, or "Talk Less Thursdays" where I just post pictures.  I know, like I need another commitment.... but I think it would help me post more often?  I don't know... maybe that's silly.  Just a thought.
AND I am looking at ways to make my blog a little "fancier" (if that's a word) without spending a fortune!
So if anyone has any suggestions about a new blog layout or some ideas for some "weekly posts" please leave them in my comments!! Thanks a million.
OH and Tripp is not breathing well, but still smiling like a champ... haha :) And I think he has a stomach bug.  Been throwing up his entire bottles and not feeling really well.  Running a low low grade fever, but still a little high for him.  So giving him Pedialyte and starting back on formula slowly.  He feels crappy I can tell.... But have I mentioned he's the best baby in the world- well HE IS!!

Now tell me that this isn't the cutest thing you have ever seen?
My two boys...


  1. I love me some Tripp - so so cute. I'm sorry to hear he's got a boo-boo belly - I'll pray that his tummy feels better real soon!
    I think the weekly post idea is really cute. Maybe 'Manly Monday' where Randy takes a turn on the blog while you relax in a bubble bath!
    Take care .... love you guys!

  2. Those pictures are sooo cute!
    Love whatever you post.

  3. I like the ideas of different topics for different days. Sounds cute to me! But please don't create any additional work for yourself. You have enough on your plate. I always enjoy your posts whenever you have time to write! Love the pictures of Tripp and his daddy. Praying that Tripp starts breathing easier and feeling better soon.

  4. Tripp is so adorable! Okay, so if you want an idea about what to write about, I do Marvelous Mondays. It is a blog post about trying to be positive when life sucks. I have only done it or 4 weeks, but it is a good way to start the week. I have linked it to MckLinky so everyone can be a part of it!

  5. Hi!! First I think you should write when you want. But the idea is very good. You are a good writer, and Trip is wonderful and super strong!=)

  6. I think your blog is great... you'll never regret not blogging when you're spending time with your sweet boy instead! I often feel like I need to blog more frequently than I do, just because lots of the bloggers I follow write almost daily, but I finally have realized that if I'm happy with it, then writing once a week is ok! I found your blog through Jonah's, and I have to say, you seem like a such a wonderful mommy and have maintained the most positive outlook on life. Tripp is a beautiful baby and is lucky to have you!

  7. Courtney,

    I really think your blog is great, the information you post now I find it very interesting and not just that, but knowing how Tripp is doing makes my day (of course when he's doing good) when he's not feeling good, it makes me sad, and I pray throughout the day for an EB cure. I love him soooo much and the pics of your hubby with him are soooooo cute! But I do agree that your hubby should blog a little and give you a little break...hee,hee!
    Don't overwork yourself, your blog is great!
    Thank you for always sharing information about you guys, and I pray that Tripp's breathing issues, tummy bug and that all his blisters heal fast and that no more blisters appear..please GOD! thank you!

  8. I REALLY LOVE reading your blog..plus tripp is so adorable.it's great that you write period..i really like your idea, plus it will help you vent:)

  9. Hiya:)

    I think your blogging ideas are great! I have trouble finding the time I want to blog also, with a 4 month old and a 19 month old..Tripp is cute as usual, and your hubby ain't too bad either..lol *wink*

  10. Oh. my. goodness...that pic of Tripp and Randy looking at each other is frame worthy. Pure adoration. Thanks for sharing your life with us. His friends, Ty and Lila are always praying. Ty prays for Tripps' boo-boos to get better. Your blog teaches my 3 year old to think of others. There's not been a night that Ty doesn't remember Baby Tripp at the beginning of his prayers. It's a beautiful thing to hear. Tripps' story even touches the little ones. =)