Monday, March 8, 2010

"Manly Mondays"

Hitting Homeruns in front of thousands of people in PRO BALL. (EASY)

Facilatating complaints from angry parents (whose kids are healthy)(EASY)

Writing for the first time on this blog after and trying to do as a good of job as my WIFE. (HARD)

Guys,to get things started on the first 'Manly Monday' I just want to start by saying THANK YOU to all of you who keep up with this blog and give our family the support it needs to get through these tough times. It has been a lot of ups and downs the last 9 months since Tripp was born. Lately Tripp has not been sleeping well do to his trach being clogged and dried up. I admire my wife with her SUPER HERO powers to be able to take care of him 24 hrs around the clock. When Tripp is not feeling well my wife puts in another gear and gets it done.

Although Tripp is not feeling well, the little tough guy still finds time through out the day to give you a smile and a hug. I wouldn't trade that little sucker in for anything in the world. Like my wife he amazes me also with his toughness to take on this DISEASE every day.

Most parents can not wait to be role nodels for their children and be able to teach them the importnat things in life. I am on the side of that I feel that i have a son who is my role model and these last 9 months he taught me things I would have never learned with a healthy baby. This little guy is already special and everyday I am learning the reasons GOD gave him to us.

I just want to say THANKS again for all the support and I promise to be more prepared for next week.

Thanks, Randy


  1. Hey Randy,

    It was good to hear from you on the blog. Tripp's smile just melts my heart! You, Courtney and Tripp have been my Family's Role Models. Yall are such a loving, caring, supportive, and admirable family!

    Love and Prayers

  2. You did GREAT!! I love reading posts from Dad's in this battle. Your whole family is absolutely amazing!

    Thank YOU for blogging!


  3. You done good, dude. Looking forward to next week.

  4. nice manly monday post.tripp is such a cutie

  5. Hi Randy: Good job daddy. I am such a fan of your wife and of course Tripp. Courtney amazes me. I know what she goes through and I really admire her spirit. You guys are doing a terrific job. Please know that you have sooooo many people praying for your precious son. Love you guys. Love Leah's Nana

  6. Great job Randy! I know "blogging" does not come easily to most men but you did great for your first time out! (My hubby might privately admit that he READS a blog here and there but I haven't yet convinced him to post of our "family" blog! Ha!)

    What an awesome outlet this will be for you to share with other EB Dad's!

    Hugs and kisses to that sweet little man of yours! Love, Jenifer

  7. Nice to hear from Tripp's dad ;)!!

  8. Ahhh this was to cool. You must make it a habbit to pop in every "manly Monday." We love it!!!!

  9. Love your post! Continuing to pray for Tripp, he is so cuteeeeee!!!!!

  10. Hey Randy - My profile will pop up using my Husband Michael's name, but this is Laurie Sterner in Sonoma, CA. You don't know me, but I've written to Courtney a few times on the EB friends site. You guys, are to put it simply, "The Best". Thanks for letting us strangers into your lives and sharing the story of Tripp...a remarkable, beautiful little boy with the best parents on the face of the Earth. I do not have a child with EB, but I founded an organization called The Butterfly Fund. We raise awareness and funds for families who have a child with EB or any other catastrophic illness or event. Thank you again for sharing these moments with us - we're ALL better people because of it.

  11. Randy,

    I read your second "Manly Monday" blog post from this week before I realized you had just started.

    Now having read this one...
    GREAT JOB on your 1st blog! So... as in baseball... here's the proverbial "pat on the butt" for a job well done! ha ha!!

    I'm looking forward to my visit with Courtney & Tripp next week.

    See YOU around the ballfield,
    ~Lori Tassin