Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We're back!

I'm back with a computer.. and with more pictures.  First I want to update you about our doctor's appointment.
GOOD NEWS: The ENT checked his ears and said he does NOT have an ear infection!
BAD NEWS:  She said he is probably pulling at his ears because his teeth hurt.  She said all babies usually get earaches when they are teething.
SO that means our next task is to go see a pediatric dentist and get his mouth straightened out!  Now THAT is going to be a difficult task.
She also said that he has a viral infection and that is causing all the excess secretions.  So she changed out his trach to a bigger sized one.  She said that might help the noise and help him be able to get the secretions up better.  So far so good.  He sounds a little bit better, but still has a ton of snot from his nose and still making snot bubbles like crazy.  Which is somewhat a good thing because she said he has a "leak" around the trach and that means he can get some air out through his nose and mouth.  And that mean sometimes we will be able to hear him cry a little (when he cries really hard).
So, that is where we stand right now.  If we could get rid of this cold we might be able to one day get back to a normal life!!  That would be awesome.  Here is the little man... I know it's a lot but it's been a while since I've had a computer so I have a lot of pictures!!

Little man... so appropriate.  That is what I always call him.  I love this onesie.

This is him before his bath.  A  HOT  MESS.

And this is after his bath.  Talk about exhausted.

Daddy wanted him to have a "walker" so he can exercise his legs.  So we got him his first car.  He doesn't hate it... but he's not sure about it and his feet barely touch the ground so he can't move around himself yet, but we're working on it.  And he LOVES to ride monkey around on the back.

His jumper-roo.  He's not sure about this one yet either.  But we are gradually getting used to all of these "new" toys.

This was at bath time.  We were trying to take the bandages off of his arms and he locked his fingers together.  There was NO getting them undone, either.  He was boycotting dressing change.

"Mommy's gonna get him..."  I love when i can kiss his bare skin.  We don't get to do that too often (Ahh, the little things).  I think he likes it too.

One more funny story before I end....
Today when we went to the doctor, we were getting on the elevator and this old lady was staring (as people ALWAYS do when we go out) and after staring for about 2 minutes, she says "Did he fall?"
I said, "Excuse me?"
She said it again really quiet, "Did he fall??"
I said, "No, he has a rare skin disease."
She said, "Oh, ok.  Well you know how babies always fall out of their infant seats..."
And I WANTED to say, "Yeah lady, he fell head first out of his infant seat and scraped up BOTH cheeks." Ha.
Next time I'm gonna tell someone who asks, "Yeah, I dropped him."  And see what they say.
No, really... all joking aside, it doesn't bother me at all when people stare.  I am more than willing to let them know what's going on.  It's just when people say silly things like that... that makes me laugh.
I'll write again soon!  Thanks so much for all the prayers and all the support!  It is truly appreciated!!
God Bless!


  1. I love Tripp. I love that God brings you strength and peace to be the parents he needs. I love when you post pictures.
    I hate going days without posts about Tripp. I hate that no matter how much peace you are brought it doesn't change the struggles you all will go through. I love when you post pictures!
    People are ignorant, and I mean ignorant unlearned, not rude. My ugly side might suggest you have fun with such ignorance...How about responding with "It's so weird. He seems to break out from ridiculous questions."
    Fun aside, Tripp has become a huge part of my life and my family's prayers. I do hope there comes a day that we can do something for you.

  2. I love the pic where you're getting him! You already know how blessed you are. I can't imagine the struggles you face daily, but it is all worth it, I know. I haven't been following you very long, but I already love your little Tripp. He has such a beautiful smile!

  3. I love the picture of his hands locked together. Tripp is one strong little boy.

  4. So glad he doesn't have an ear infection. Hope everything goes well with his teeth. He looks great!

  5. Praying and praying that Tripp feels better really soon. I'm going absolutely stir crazy around here wishing we could get out. I know you feel the same X 10 with all the suctioning and having a sick, grumpy baby. Praying for you too!!! Love you guys.

  6. These pics are absolutely ADORABLE!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Oh he is such a cutie patootie. Try putting a small pillow under his feet when he is in the car and he will feel like he can stand a little better. Thanks for sharing your sweet boy with us.

  8. Tripp is just the cutest thing EVER!!! I hope Tripp feels better soon. He's in my prayers!

  9. Hi Courtney: So glad that Tripp is doing so well with his trach and hope the cold goes away soon. It's not what you need right now, more mucous. He is always in my prayers, along with Jonah and my little Leah. Take care and give Tripp a big hug from Leah's Nana. Thanks!!!!

  10. Hey from Iowa!!! I have been watching and following Tripp since I "met" you guys through Jonah! He is so beautiful and sweet. I really don't know what all you go through, but I am amazed at the grace that you parents show and the faith in God you show as you face each issue. Love all the pictures. Praying that changing the trach will help with the suctioning and breathing issues and that all goes as smoothly for your family!

  11. I know it must be hard to update all the time, with all the suctioning and everything else, but I want you to know that I think about you and your family everyday, more than once ;)... Hoping everything is on the way up for Tripp.... Colds can't last forever!! He'll beat it!

  12. you can never post too many pics of that ADORABLE face! I love the one right before his bath, staring into the camera, he looks quite mature =)
    Following yours and Jonah's blog!

  13. I have heard what happened and my heart is full of love for you all tonight. Prayers have been said and I will continue to do so. God has brought Tripp this far, and I am praying for a quick healing. I am praying that the doctors receive their wisdom and strength from God. I am praying that you and Randy turn to God for peace through this time.
    Tripp is in my heart and I hope you know your family is not alone through any of this.