Sunday, November 14, 2010

18 months and counting...

My little prince makes 18 months today!!  Half way to 2 years- whoo hoo!!  I can't believe it- it doesn't seem like it's been a day over 5 years!!  Ha... No really, I could say that it's flown by- but I would be LYING.  But it doesn't mean that I haven't made the best of and cherished every single moment for the last 18 months.  It's been completely devastating watching my only son suffer the way he does every day... but there has also been so much good that's come out of this.  And I know that if Tripp could understand how many lives he's touched in the short 18 months that he's been here- he would be so proud.  Because I know how proud I am.  

Dear Tripp, 
You are the joy of my life.  You are the reason I wake up each morning.  And each night, when you go to sleep- you lay your head right next to mine.  Right now times are tough for you.  You haven't been feeling well at all.  Your eyes and your mouth are hurting you really bad.  Each morning when you wake up, Mommy changes your cute little booty and cleans you all up and then we rock-rock until your medicine kicks in.  Then most of the time, with your medicine, you will stand up and play with your toys.  Right now, when you're standing up... we put all of your toys in front of you, and you like to throw each one off onto the floor, one at a time.  It's so cute because you do it with such an attitude and you love making us pick them up so you can throw them again. 
 You are also learning sign language (slowly- but that's Mommy's fault not yours).  You can say more, ball, mommy, baby, please, thank-you, excuse me, hat, shirt, and shoes.  You say yes and no by shaking your head.  And when you say "no," you mean "NO."  And you're especially rotten because you only like to do these things when Mommy says, "Don't you do that:)"  But that's Mommy's problem- she's created a monster (but a really cute monster).  You haven't spoken a word yet, but we know exactly what you are saying.  And when someone speaks to you, you understand exactly what they are saying.  You are so smart and Mommy is SO proud.  
Now that it's cooler, you enjoy going outside.  Though you can't stay out long because it hurts your eyes... you like to ride your car or your wagon.  And you also like to watch the cars go by on the road.  You LOVE music.  And you especially like when we sing to you.  Right now, when we sing the "ABCs," you pat your chest to the rhythm and pause when we pause.  It's so cute.  You also love books.  Though, you are kind of like your Mommy, because you only like to look at pictures and turn the pages really fast.  You are the cutest dancer in the whole entire world.  You either become really stiff and nod your head, or you shake that little booty so fast.  And your little feet are ALWAYS wiggling.   

Remember how Mommy told you that God has really big plans for you.  Well we still don't know what they are, but we know that you are one REALLY special little boy.  I'm not sure what Mommy did to deserve you, but every night I thank God that He sent you to me.  I can't imagine my life without you.  And I surely don't remember what my life was like before you were in it.   But I want you to know that one day you will get to live with Jesus in heaven.  It could be tomorrow, it could be in 5 years, or it could be in 20 years... we don't know.  But I don't want you to be scared- because Mommy will be with you every single day for the rest of your life. 
 You have already had to go through some things that most people will never have to go through in their whole lifetime.  This is why you are so special.  And like I said, I don't know WHY you have to go through these things- and trust me- I KNOW that it's not fair.  But please believe Mommy when she tells you that ONE DAY- we will all know why you had to have EB.  And we will all know why you had to suffer every day of your life.  And every single person who meets you, or follows your story, will be a better person because of YOU.  That's some big shoes you're having to wear, my son... but I don't know anyone else in this world who is stronger than you.  When I look at you or hold you- you literally make my heart melt.  I wouldn't trade you for any other healthy kid in the whole wide world.  I wish I could tell or show you how much I REALLY love you... but it's SO much that you will never ever know that.  And if I could take every single sore from you, or take all of your pain so that you never had to hurt again- I would in a heartbeat.  I wish it was Mommy instead of you. 

Happy 18 months, you little monkey.
You're still proving those doctors wrong.  
Let's keep proving:) 


Thank you all for sharing these precious 18 months with us.  Tripp has made it this far because you all give me the love and support that I need to do the things that I have to do for him each day.  I hope you will continue to follow Tripp for many years to come and I hope we can all witness a true miracle for him together.  

I hope that if Tripp has taught us just one thing-  it's to never take a single day or a single thing for granted:  health, happiness, or life.  And please know that I truely believe that God has given Tripp to me to show me the REAL meaning of life- loving one another.  Really, take a step back and look at your life- what's REALLY important??  Is it yourself?  Money?  Material things?  Do you get angry over all the small things?  Do you push all the important things in life aside for the things that won't really matter in the end?   Think about it.  We were all put on this Earth for one thing- to get to heaven.  This is just a short journey to your eternal life ahead.  This is not our home.  So make sure you start thinking about those important things.  We have everything we could ask for and everything we need.  Do something nice for someone today- even if it's something little.  Someone who doesn't have everything they need.  A family that is struggling through the holidays, or someone who doesn't even have a family. Go out of your way:)  Have a great day!  Love you all! 

Oh, and I added a new "Videos" page at the top of the site per some requests:)
So if you missed any videos in the past few months... check them out:) 
The eye rolling video is my all time FAV.



  1. Courtney, thank you so much for sharing your amazing story with us. I love reading about Tripp and know that my admiration and love for him is negligible compared to the love you and Randy have for him! He is a lucky man to have an amazing mama who is not just up to the challenge, but kicking butt and taking names. Happy 18 months a good eye roll of booty shake today to celebrate!

  2. Happy 18th month birthday "little knight." Courtney,your letter to Tripp was so touching and the gentle reminder at the end of the blog to those of us who follow your journey was heartfelt. I can not put into words what your strength and Tripp's smile through such difficult times has done for me. Thanks for making me see life in a much more positive way.

  3. Happy 18th month Birthday Tripp! What a sweet letter your Mommy has written you! I am sure she tells you everyday how special you are! Keep up the great work... growing bigger and bigger! You are so loved Mr. Roth! Hugs to you!

  4. Happy Birthday Tripp! You and your buddy Jonah both have the best ever mommy's! So many people in this big world love you...we look forward to reading about how you are feeling and checking out those awesome video's you have been making...Thanks to you and your mommy for sharing you and your story with us... Sure hope you have a great day!
    Lots of love!

  5. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!! It is true, you LOVE more when your heart breaks. Your story although very heartbreaking is a true INSPIRATION!!! You can NOT leave this blog and not feel the strength of the MOST REAL LOVE. You my little friend have taught me so MUCH in the short time I have followed your blog. I LOVE so much stronger now - I appreciate so much more. You have taught me this!!! I needed YOU little TRIPP and I am forever grateful!!! GOD BLESS YOU - YOU BEAUTIFUL ANGEL!!!!!!!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday, Tripp! You are such a strong boy and have such an amazing mommy! And my family and I want to thank you so so much for sharing yall's story, because of reading about you both, I have become a better mommy. I know that many other people have become better people too because you have touched their lives. Helping others to be better is the best thing you could ever do, and you and your mommy do this everyday! Celebrate and celebrate and celebrate, because you so deserve it.

  7. HAPPY 18 MONTH BIRTHDAY, Tripp. It has been heartbreaking and exhilarating to see you grow. God bless you and your family.

  8. Oh Courtney, I sometimes feel so silly for crying at the posts you write when I've never met you and live so far away from you... but you touch my heart in almost every post you write and as silly as it may sound, I believe you and Tripp are making me a better person.
    I see the way you and your husband manage to continue to be married to each other and love each other and that amazes me. I love my husband with all of my heart but I can't imagine being as strong as you two are if we had to go through what you do...
    and Tripp, that sweet baby boy. I spend time complaining about my job or my lunch, having to walk farther than I'd wanted in the parking lot, silly and stupid little things that just aren't worth complaining about... and then I read Tripp's story and it's so humbling and makes me want to be so much more than I am.
    I read how you still love and believe in God, even having gone through what you have been through and go through daily and I admire your strength so much I even get angry with myself for not being as resilient as you. You are an amazing woman and I strive every day to be just a little more like you. Thank you for sharing your story and your darling son with us all.

  9. Happy 18 month birthday Tripp !!! My daughter just turned 18 months on the 1st !! Gosh he is just so so handsome !!! That letter made me beautiful !

  10. Courtney, I love the way you write to Tripp it's so sweet to read. I wish you all the best always, I know it's hard on you to watch your baby hurt all the time. I admire your faith and love you have for god, because it's not easy. Happy 18 months Tripp!!!!

  11. Your letter makes me think of my mom and how in times of pain or crisis, she can make me feel better in a second. You are a ridiculously superhero esque mom. and through all of his pain and trials, I can still see that tripp is awesome and hilarious.

    Keep powering through and know you have tons of support from random blog readers.

    I pray for Tripp. especially for his eyes. mouth, and his pain. and for you- for strength. and peace.

  12. Sweet sweet Tripp - we love you so much (and we haven't even met you!) There are 5 little Andersons here in TX who LOVE watching your videos - especially the ones where you are dancing or showing your muscles. You make us smile every time we see you!

    And yet we are always reminded of how much you are hurting. So we pray for you - and right now are praying for your sweet eyes and your infected areas to heal quickly.

    Your mommy is pretty amazing - she and your daddy love you so very much! We're praying for them, too!

    Happy 18 months, big boy!!

    Love from TX,

  13. You are awesome. I love that letter. Thanks for giving your reader the what-for at the end! We all need a reminder to do what's right. That's why we read books, go to church, pray, etc every week. Keep it up, girl, you are amazing, and we are proud to know you!


  14. Happy 18 Months Sweet Tripp! You are such a strong handsome boy who makes my heart so happy! Thank You for just being you! You are a wonderful boy who has changed so many lives!

    Love and Prayers

  15. Happy Birthday Tripp! I hope you had a wonderful day. Courtney, you don't know me but I have a request. There is a little boy in Russia named Anton that also has EB, but he was abandoned by his family at birth and now lives in an orphanage. He needs a family very, very badly. I don't know what you can do but you have such a good heart and are surrounded by so many wonderful people I thought I would let you know about his need. The link to his information is

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  16. that a new picture of you on the left side bar? Beautiful!!